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10 Of The Most Streamed 2021 K-Pop Songs On Spotify Philippines

Which of these tracks gave you major LSS?
10 Most-Streamed K-Pop Songs Spotify Philippines 2021
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There's no doubt that K-pop has become one of the most well-loved genres around the world. It was a favorite since the early 2000s—back when we used to burn songs on a CD—and after almost two decades, it has evolved and turned more music enthusiasts into K-pop fans. From your neighborhood, barkada, and family, we're pretty sure that there's at least one K-pop stan! And they're probably spending most of their time listening to their faves' tracks on Spotify right?

This year, the phenomenal K-pop group BTS is at number one on almost all of Spotify's K-pop lists. With seven billion streams, they were definitely on everyone's playlist! In fact, BTS is the third overall most-streamed artist across the globe, following Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift.

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Curious who made it to the most-streamed K-pop songs on Spotify Philippines? Here you go:

1. "Butter" by BTS

2. "Dynamite" by BTS

3. "Permission To Dance" by BTS

4. "Life Goes On" by BTS

5. "MONEY" by LISA


7. "On The Ground" by ROSÉ


9. "Love Me Like That" by Sam Kim

10. "Alcohol-Free" by TWICE

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