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10 Films With Impressive Female Leads To Binge-Watch

Elle Woods foreva.
PHOTO: (LEFT) How To Be Single/Warner Bros., (RIGHT) Lady Bird/A24
  1. The Help

    Set in the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi, a group of remarkable black women decided to put their foot down and reveal what it's like to be helpers for prominent white families to budding journalist Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan. 

  2. Mulan

    A Disney classic that brought honor to all women clearly deserves a spot in your movie must-watch list. This badass princess braves pitfalls and discouraging men who got in her way. 

  3. Mona Lisa Smile

    In the 1950s, the status quo was for young girls to be well-raised and properly trained to eventually be housewives. But Katherine Watson, Wellesley Women's College new art teacher, wanted to change that.

  4. How To Be Single

    Humorous. Tricky. New York City. This feel-good movie about four women living different lives are trying to survive difficult first dates and complicated relationships as well as embrace the single life. 
  5. Hidden Figures

    This inspiring and truth-telling film is about how NASA’s three female mathematicians astronomically changed the course of America's race to space exploration (pun intended).

  6. Lady Bird

    Saoirse (pronounced as ser-sha, if you're wondering) Ronan's exceptional performance as a difficult Catholic teen trying to navigate her way through knowing who she really is and what she wants in life is what every girl on the brink of adolescence can relate to.  

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  7. Eat Pray Love

    After a major turn of events, Elizabeth Gilbert knew she needed some sort of escape from her comfort zone. She left her home for a trip around the world in hopes of finding her centerand it worked!

  8. Wild

    It's not just about a woman hiking 1,100 miles, but her Odysseus-like journey in wanting to keep on going despite the inevitable trauma and immensley challenging trail. Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed, the woman that found and eventually healed herself, one step at a time. 

  9. Matilda

    Can we all just agree that Matilda has got to be the most woke and girl-powered children's movie of the '90s? There was no childhood romance or a scene where she wanted a boy's attention, just a little girl's love of literature and learning. 
  10. Legally Blonde

    The cheery and outgoing Elle Woods we all know and love wants to reclaim her beau in what other way than going to law school in Harvard University with him. She's here to prove how valuable Elle Woods can be by never forgetting who she is. 

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