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What You Need To Know About 'Mulan' Stunt Double Liu Yaxi

OMG, it appears like she was also Gong Li's double!
mulan stunt double liu yaxi

Over the weekend, photos of professional martial artist—and everyone's new girl crush—Liu Yaxi in character as Mulan spread throughout the internet! Today reports that in an interview, Liu Yaxi praised actress Liu Yifei for her professionalism and shared: "Martial arts is dangerous, and it's inevitable that a stunt double will be used 'cos it'll be too risky if the actors were to do everything themselves." According to an article by Insider, Liu Yifei did 90% of her own stunts for the film. 

We got super curious about Liu Yaxi, so here are a few things we learned about her: 

1. A yet-to-be-verified Instagram account that appears to be Yaxi's has almost 70,000 followers as of this writing. It has photos and videos of Liu Yaxi training for stunts, dressed in full Mulan costume, and hanging out with the cast.  


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2. Guess what? It seems like she was a stunt double for Gong Li's character Xianniang as well! In another Instagram post, we see Liu Yaxi dressed in Xianniang's costume, complete with the face makeup. 

3. In October 2016, Liu Yaxi posted an 18th birthday cake on her account. It appears she's turning 22 this year! 

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4. Liu Yaxi has been working in films and TV shows for ~years~ now. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from her previous projects: 


5. She's a traveler! Liu Yaxi has visited India, UAE, Taiwan, New Zealand, and many other countries. 


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