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OMG, Netflix Is Releasing An Animated Series About Greek Mythology

It's coming out in October.
Netflix's newest animated series "Blood of Zeus" is inspired by Greek mythology.
PHOTO: Blood Of Zeus/Netflix

Netflix fans got all hyped up after hearing about the news of a Greek mythology-inspired series called Kaos coming to the streaming platform. Unfortunately, there is still no news of the show's cast members or release date, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled until then (so far, here's what we know about Kaos, though!).

While we're waiting, there's another mythology-themed series to check out on Netflix, and it's being released this October. It's called Blood of Zeus, and it's described as an "anime series based on Greek mythology." It was originally called Gods & Heroes as seen in the early promotional posters released for the series.

Blood of Zeus will be produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios, who also worked on another popular Netflix animated series, Castlevania.

The storyline focuses on a commoner called Heron who finds out that he is a son of Zeus. Based on the trailer, the story stems from the war of the Titans that ends with the Olympian gods' victory. It seems like an action-packed animated series as there's a lot of war and fighting sequences involved in the trailer alone.

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If you're curious about this new Netflix Original Anime, you'll get to watch it when it drops on October 27. Check out the trailer here:


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