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Ok Taecyeon On His *Complex* Role In 'Vincenzo': 'It's a kind of acting that I've never tried before'

'I'm curious to see how viewers react to this side of me.'
PHOTO: Instagram/tvndrama.official

WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Vincenzo! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.

Who else felt totally ~played~ by Ok Taecyeon in Vincenzo thinking he'd be the comic relief we needed in the drama?! Yup, all of us. The hit series, which is part action part comedy and part crime-suspense, gave us one of the biggest and unsuspected plot twists when it was revealed that the offbeat and naïve law intern Jang Jun Woo was, in fact, the most ruthless and twisted villain in the drama.

Ok Taecyeon talks about his Vincenzo character Jang Jun Woo

Taecyeon's acting is by far impressive because he effortlessly shifts from one persona to the next. And even after acting for over a decade, the 32-year-old star considers Jang Jun Woo his most complex role to date. In an interview with 1st Look magazine, Taecyeon revealed that he too thought Jang Jun Woo was super-similar to his real-life bubbly personalityuntil he found out about his drastic change in his character arc! "Jun Woo shares so many similarities with my real-life personality that when I first read the script, I thought to myself, 'I have to do this role!' But as it turned out, Jang Jun Woo was a character with a wide variety of unexpected charms," he said.


He then went to talk about the challenge in playing a character that's multi-faceted and has polarizing characteristics: "Because he's a character whose personality switches back and forth between cold and warm, I've been spending a lot of time worrying about each and every little detail during filming, wondering, 'Will it look right if I express [the character] like this?' Because it's a kind of acting that I've never tried before, I'm curious to see how viewers react to this side of me."

Ok Taecyeon on how he approaches his acting roles

As a seasoned actor, Taecyeon always makes it a point to show a side of him in whatever on-screen role he plays. "When I look at [potential] acting projects, I pay attention to how the story unfolds, and then what kind of side of myself I can show through my character," he further shared. "Rather than portraying an entirely different person, I personally think of acting as bringing out another side of myself or amplifying different aspects of myself to portray [a character]. I hope that when people see my acting, they'll be able to immediately understand what kind of character I'm playing and what kind of situation he's in. I'm working hard to achieve that."

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Ok Taecyeon's future acting projects

Because of the success that Vincenzo, Taecyeon recently received an offer to star in the historical drama Tale Of The Secret Royal Inspector And Jo Yi (literal title). Although nothing has been decided yet, his agency 51k confirmed the offer: "It's true that Ok Taecyeon has received a casting offer for Tale Of The Secret Royal Inspector And Jo Yi. It's one of multiple projects for which he is currently in talks." Actress Jung So Min is also reportedly in talks to play Taecyeon's female lead.

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