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Are Olivia Rodrigo And Joshua Bassett On Good Terms After The 'Drivers License' Drama?

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Are Olivia Rodrigo And Joshua Bassett On Good Terms After The 'Drivers License' Drama?

Pop culture seriously changed when Olivia Rodrigo decided to drop the bomb more formally known as "Drivers License" back in January. All of a sudden, Olivia, her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series costar Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter were thrust into the spotlight after the song seemingly described a love triangle that left Olivia crushed. Now that HSM:TM:TS Season 2 is set to premiere in (*checks calendar*) two days, the people wanna know: Are Olivia and Joshua on good terms and do they like each other?

The short answer: Olivia and Joshua are cool. When Olivia's newest single "Deja Vu" came out last month, Joshua actually praised her for it on social media. "SUUUUUUPER late on this but I love this song so much, Olivia," Joshua wrote in an Instagram Story of him listening to the track. "The world better watch out for the album."

Back in March, Joshua also addressed the controversy surrounding Olivia allegedly writing "Drivers License" about him and his rumored relationship with Sabrina Carpenter. "I get it. I get why people are asking about that stuff—but it doesn't really get to me," he said in an interview with BuzzFeed. "I'm also proud of her and the success that her song is having. I really couldn't be mad at the situation."

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Perhaps the biggest sign that things are at least okay between Joshua and Olivia is that they recently did a duet together for HSM:TM:TS that debuted *after* the "Drivers License" drama went down. And TBH, it's pretty dang cute:

Leading up to the HSM:TM:TS Season 2 premiere, I will be binge-watching Season 1 (and all the original High School Musical movies ofc), so uh...don't text. Ciao!


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