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Park Seo Joon On Keeping His Mental Health In Check: 'After I talk to someone, my worries feel lighter'

He reflects on his life as an actor.
PHOTO: instagram/bn_sj2013

It seems like our favorite K-drama actor does not rest. After wrapping up the widely popular series, Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon has already begun filming alongside IU for their movie Dream. He is also competing for the Best Actor award in the upcoming Baeksang Arts Awards with none other than our other oppa, Hyun Bin!

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Aside from all of the said projects, PSJ recently scored a front cover feature in T Singapore. He looked so gwapo dressed up in structured suits, baggy jackets, and flowers! In the interview, he reflected on his career and how he takes care of his mental health.

Being in the industry for almost a decade, he has had his fair share of difficult experiences. When asked how he copes with these, he answered, "Sharing with others doesn't necessarily solve my problems. But after I talk to someone, my worries feel lighter." He believes talking about it won't solve his problems, but it helps him get the load off his chest.

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He also shared how he balances his career and his private life. "I make sure that my personal life is not affected by my character. The harder I try, the more it works out." 

He added, "Eventually, there will come a time where I will get used to all of this, although it's still a bit difficult for now."

Watch the rest of Park Seo Joon's interview here:

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