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7 Reasons Park Seo Joon Would Make The *Perfect* Boyfriend

He has really raised our standards and we're not complaining.

Perhaps the biggest first obstacle in dating is finding the perfect guy—the so-called diamond in the rough. This is especially true for K-drama fans. Our standards have been raised due to hours of watching our celeb oppas be the perfect boyfriends to their leading ladies.

Park Seo Joon, in particular, is one actor who plays the boyfriend roles so well. From his role as the former taekwondo player-turned-MMA fighter Ko Dong-man in Fight For My Way to the handsome-but-narcissistic CEO Lee Young-joon in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?, he has proven time and time again that he's the ~king~ of rom-com.

It's really no wonder why everyone thinks he would make the *perfect* boyfriend. Below, we've listed down the top reasons PSJ is the complete package:

  1. He's good—actually, great—at kissing.

    Yes, Park Seo Joon is good at kissing and we have some ~data~ to back this claim up. Recently, we asked you guys to vote on who you think is the best kisser, and it's no surprise that the "higop king" came in at first place! There's just something about the way he moves that has everyone talking. Not sold yet? Check out one of his best on-screen kissing scenes from What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? It has over 67 million views (!!!) so you KNOW it's exceptional. ;)

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    Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young - What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? Kissing Scene

  2. He's the perfect Instagram jowa.

    Park Seo Joon is not one to shy away from doing whatever it takes to capture the perfect picture. In the drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?, his character Lee Young-joon did ~everything~ to get the best shot of Kim Mi-so (Park Min Young).

    This doesn't stop at his dramas, though. Check out this snap of him taking a photo of BTS' V during their vacay. He really got down on the floor just to score the perfect shot! Now that's dedication.

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  3. He can sing.

    Park Seo Joon's acting chops are undeniable. He has proven that he can do more than just rom-com roles—he can also sing! He lent his vocals to the OST of Hwarang in "Our Tears," and also for "Come To My Heart" in the 2014 drama A Witch's Love. SRSLY, IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN'T DO??

    Hwarang OST: Park Seojun - Our Tears

    A Witch's Love A Witch's Love OST : Park Seo-jun - Come To My Heart

  4. He's super athletic.

    We'd be lying if we said we didn't swoon over his countless shirtless scenes in his K-dramas—the man's body really is *toned*. He's also not afraid to put in the work needed for his more ~athletic~ roles, like training in taekwondo and MMA for Fight For My Way and The Divine Fury.

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    Park Seo Joon Shirtless Scene

  5. He's a gentleman.

    One of the things we immediately look for in a guy is if they have gentleman-like qualities. Park Seo Joon, of course, sets the bar high. Check out this clip from tvN of him blocking the sunlight from Park Min Young's face. The actress also revealed another one of his considerate actions: "The left side of my face is better, but he said the left side of his face is better, too. Yet, he lets me stand so that the left side of my face shows. He is very considerate." We stan a man who is mindful of your good angles.

    Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young - What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?

  6. He can pull off any fashion trend.

    Not gonna lie, we love a man who can pull off just about any style. And standing at about 185 cm or a towering 6'1 (!!!), Park Seo Joon looks good in any piece of clothing. It's no surprise that Tommy Hilfiger chose him to be the first Asian face of the brand in 2017.

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  7. He's amazing with kids.

    In his Manila vlog, Park Seo Joon went around Greenbelt and talked about buying clothes for his nieces who are aged six and three. Earlier this year, he also went to the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul to surprise the children there. Awww.

    Park Seo Joon in the Philippines

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