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Pinays Share The On-Screen *Bad Guys* They Had A Guilty Crush On

'He's SO attractive, BUT...'
Photos of onscreen bad guys from movies and tv shows who are also popular 'guilty crushes'.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) instagram/jiraishin99, instagram/finnwittrock, instagram/edwestwick

Have you ever seen someone on screen and thought, "WOW THEY'RE HOT," despite how problematic the person truly is? Like, you *know* he's 100 percent not good for you, yet you (and the internet) can't help but crush on him...just a little. Well, don't worry about it—it isn't the first time bad guys have been romanticized both on and off-screenWe asked our Cosmo Community on Facebook for their on screen *guilty crushes*, and you'll probably recognize some familiar faces:

1. Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

"He was SO problematic but he had his sweet moments that really made me feel kilig." – Andie

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2. Danny Zuko, Grease

"There are so many messed-up moments/lyrics in that movie but bad guys who sing like Danny do have their appeal! Remember: Never change who you are just for a guy! Looking at you, Sandy." – Lily

3. Baek Hee Song, Flower of Evil

"THIS MAN FROM FLOWER OF EVIL AHAHHAHA. I'm so attracted to him, I even wrote a story." – Retty

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4. Spike, Buffy

"Spike from Buffy! Not that Angel wasn't problematic but I was really rooting for Spike until the end. The OG Big Bad." – Ysabel

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5. Tommy Shelby, Peaky Blinders

"Tommy Shelby! A good man who does bad things to a good end." – Aubrey

6. Edmund Tolleson, Ratched

"Edmund Tolleson from Ratched. He’s so attractive and has a soft side for animals! BUT, he’s a murderer, hahaha." – Mar

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