Pinays Share Their Most Unforgettable Artista *Encounters*

The good, the bad, and the ~cringey~.
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I'm sure most of us have encountered one or two artistas in our lifetime and have some interesting stories to tell about those moments. I, for one, am in an industry that requires me to work with celebs all the time, and you'd think I'm practically immune to these celeb encounters. Most of the time, yes, I am (or am really good at hiding my true #feels), but there are those rare occasions that I DO unleash the fangirl in me.

Take for example that one time I met my ~childhood hero~ during a work party (when I had one too many drinks in my system). My boss called me over and introduced me to this stunning woman…who happened to be Donita Rose. AND GOOD LORD WAS I FLOORED. This chatty fangirling persona took over my naturally introverted self. I gushed and gushed and kept on gushing over her work as an MTV VJ. The conversation lasted for a full 10 minutes before I was pulled away for work duties.

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In retrospect, I just wish Donita didn't think I was a total freak (who had one too many drinks in her system). A part of me still cringes remembering that moment, LOL!

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So, want to read more super unforgettable artista encounters? Scroll down and enjoy! ;)

Richard Gutierrez

"One morning, a TV production crew was filming on our floor. I stepped out of the elevator and immediately spotted Richard Gutierrez. I didn't expect him to be *that* good-looking, so when I saw him, I TRIPPED on a black cable that was on the floor. I almost fell and Richard attempted to catch me and with a smile, he said, 'Oops!' I quickly said, 'Hi!' and ran away. I was so embarrassed!" —Monica

Bobby Andrews

"When I was four years old, I remember meeting Bobby Andrews at one of his movies' premiere nights. I went to him and asked if I could kiss him. He went down on one knee and let me kiss him on the cheek." —Kimmie

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Alden Richards

"I saw Alden Richards at a work event and I was taking a video of him for Snapchat. Nagjo-joke ako, whispering and calling him 'Beh' several times. Tapos narinig pala niya, he looked straight at me, raised his eyebrows and smiled. KAKAHIYA SIS!" —Jen

Paul Jason Klein of LANY

"Paul Jason Klein, vocalist of LANY! Mall show nila sa Market! Market! and I won a meet and greet pass. Nung pinapasok na kami sa backstage, umiyak na lang ako hanggang sa nasabi ko 'JUSMIYO MARIMAR! AM I DREAMING?' Then PJ asked, 'What's JUSMYOOO MARMAR?'" —Halsey

Hayden Kho

"I was meeting Hayden Kho for a work thing. In my head, hindi ako mawiwindang! 'Di ko siya type! But omg, ang gwapo niya IRL. Then he was introduced to me and he goes: 'Good morning po ma'am!' *beso* OKAY NA SANA PERO I WAS JUST 25 THEN AND HE WAS 31 THEN OKAY." Nicole

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Park Bo Gum

"Hi Touch with Park Bo Gumnatameme ako, walang nasabi halos. Si hubby yung nagsabi sa kanya na 'I hope our baby looks like you!' Tapos sabi niya 'OMG!' with super cute face I can never ever forget." Ginyn

Piolo Pascual

"I was an intern for Star Magic and I had a mall show for a movie that starred Piolo Pascual. I was tasked to buy 15 bottles of water from the grocery nearby and I agreed without thinking the logistics through. I'm a really tiny girl who could barely carry all the bottles of water I bought (it totaled to 7.5L of water) but I did my best to carry it back to our holding area anyway. In a rush, I just pushed through the tent/tarp enclosure cause my legs were giving in.

"I bumped Piolo Pascual with 7.5L of water. He staggered back a little bit but he just smiled at me, and I swear TO GOD that time slowed down. I never found him attractive, and then in slow-mo, I swear I finally understood what they meant when they say he's like Adonis. LOL. He took the bottles of water from me and put it beside the snacks and all I could do was follow him and say thank you. My boss was staring at me. Once Piolo was gone, he was telling me I shouldn't have made Piolo carry the water, but that he also wishes he was me and that he will never ask an intern to buy water ever again. I love Piolo." —Nicole

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James Yap

"I was about to have a selfie with James Yap, then suddenly a notification popped up on my screen. I was shocked when James read it saying, 'Kris Aquino may malubhang sakit.Hahaha! Unforgettable. Narinig ng mga people from PBA. Pero tuloy pa din ang selfie kaso hiyang hiya ako. Gusto kong mag-disappear right after." Catherine

Vhong Navarro

"I remember walking along Greenbelt when I saw Vhong Navarro and I was star struck. I suddenly sang '3 In1 Plus 1' and he said 'Aww.' Then he danced with me.Quinn

Gus Abelgas

"I was an intern at ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs under SOCO! Unforgettable 'to kasi this day was like my fieldwork day, so sinamahan ko si Gus Abelgas sa police station to do research and all. We interviewed police officers and MURDER SUSPECTS, as in omg medyo nakakatakot pero medyo cool din! Parang very CSI lang." —Louise

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Paris Hilton

"I met Paris Hilton in front of a bathroom at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. I was walking out and she was about to walk in, so I stopped her to ask for a picture." Andie

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