These Pinoy 'Bird Box' Memes Are Seriously Giving Us Life

Warning: Slight spoilers ahead.
PHOTO: (STILL) Bird Box/Netflix, (TWEET) Twitter/itsreyxx

If you haven't watched Bird Box yet, well, you should! In the Netflix film, a mysterious entity takes the form of people's worst fears and causes them to commit suicide. Basically, if you see it, you'll die. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her two children go through a dangerous journey to find shelter and a new community, and they have to complete the trip blindfolded.

It was the thriller movie everyone was raving about over the holidays and we're still on a high because the memes just keep on coming. Check out some of the funniest Pinoy-made ones below:  

Admit it, you'll do everything for the moolah.

Avoid stores at all costs!

Remember your high school and college days?

On. Point. 

Here's why they aren't replying:  

We gotta make Selena Gomez proud.

Crushing on someone is hard, you guys. 

Yes, now everyone's paranoid AF!

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When you don't want the holidays to be over yet: 

Who's ready for a game of palayok?

We did NOT see this scene. 

"Cover your eyes, cover your eyes!"

Lastly, here's Malorie and the kids fleeing the PBB House: 

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