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WATCH: This Pinay's Love For SEVENTEEN Inspired Her To Self-Publish A Book

'P.S. I wrote a book about you, I hope one day you'll get to see it.'
Photos of Julia Sarinas, a fan of K-pop group SEVENTEEN.
PHOTO: Courtesy of Julia Sarinas

21-year-old Julia is a fangirl of several K-pop actsGOT7, TREASURE, Stray Kids, NCTbut it's the 13-member self-producing idols, SEVENTEEN, who are her ultimate stan group. She's been down the whole Hallyu rabbit hole since 2011 and became a fan of SEVENTEEN in 2017 ("the love of her life" is their performance team leader, Hoshi). From then on, she's gone to their concerts, collected a ton of merch, had cool encounters with some members, and even wrote a book inspired by them.

Yup, you read that right: Julia is a self-published author of the poetry book, Stuck In Daydreams. "It's a contemporary poetry book that is dedicated to K-pop fans and K-pop idols," she shares. Each piece chronicles her real fangirl experiences and feelingswhich, I'm sure, most of us hardcore stans would absolutely relate to!

Julia always found comfort in writing ever since she was in high school. "It became a hobby of mine to write my thoughts," Julia says. "I wrote spontaneously about the things that I feel and think as a fangirl." But she never really thought about publishing her work until the thought of sharing it with fellow fans crept into her mind: "I kept it to myself all these years, and I wasn't even planning to write a book and publish it. While seeing my notebooks full of pieces and poems, nanghihinayang ako. It would be such a waste if I was the only one who can read them. Fortunately, I found out about self-publishing here in the Philippines. At first, I was just planning to print a few copies for me, my family, and friends. But then later I decided to market this [book] since K-pop fans are the ones who will benefit from this."

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But putting out a project like this had its share of challenges as well. Just like her ults SEVENTEEN, who are hands-on in every aspect of creating their music, publishing Stuck In Daydreams was a team effort between Julia and her loved ones: "From the encoding, the layout, the format, it was all me. But the cover design and the illustrations were done by my friend, and I asked my other family members for the proofreading." And in spite of her bouts of writer's block, Julia says that "the process was fulfilling" and that she definitely "enjoyed the experience."

To know more about Julia's book, Stuck In Daydreams, and her fangirling adventures, watch Episode 16 of the Fangirl Diaries below:

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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. LopezAndie Estella, Lily Grace Tabanera and Louise Ferrer

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