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PH Stays are seriously winning!
Bench just dropped a teaser for their newest global celebrity endorser and fans are already guessing it's the K-pop boy group Stray Kids!The clothing company teased fans with a short video on Instagram with the caption, "April fool&#
They're all coined in the name of love!
Naming a fandom is like naming a newborn baby. While it's exciting for fans of a rookie group, it's challenging for idols and their agencies to come up with one that will be witty and has a heartwarming
Both events were cancelled due to the pandemic.
Good news, PH fans! You will soon be able to *meet* your favorite Korean artists in person.Concert promoter Pulp Live World just announced the resumption of in-person concerts and fan meetings in the Philippines. In a Facebook update posted on
It’s that time of the year again!
The weather has been cooler than usual lately and Christmas is finally here Have you finished your Christmas gift list already? The holiday season is a mix of different feelings: Some people love to bask in the festivities and celebrations spent with
From Korean actors to K-pop idols!
It's that time of the year again when Mnet recognizes the top musical acts in Asia! Apart from awarding K-pop artists, some of your favorite idols are also set to perform. Not only that-Korean actors will grace the
Find out if your faves made it to the list!
Over the years, I have seen how K-pop fans show their love for their bias groups: From burning their songs on a CD to streaming their singles on Spotify, it's amazing to see how fangirling has evolved. But if
We love this interaction!
If you've been scrolling your Twitter feed endlessly this past few days, you probably saw a number of tweets related to Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds. This celeb interaction is one of the best we've witnessed so far
Going *au naturel* is just as cool.
Many of our fellow Instagram enthusiasts know how to appreciate the power of a good filter. It can instantly change the vibe of your pic and make your feed 10 times more aesthetically pleasing. And we have to admit, it's
They're like spontaneous flash mobs but make it K-pop!
Hongdae is my favorite spot in Seoul, South Korea-it's just like any other shopping street during the day. But it transforms into a bustling hub of buskers where you can watch street concerts at nighttime. Talented young and old performers
We had a *super* hard time choosing!
Here at, we eat, sleep, and breathe K-pop. We all have different tastes, so we love sharing music suggestions, too! This year, we decided to list down our favorite K-pop releases of 2020 and why we love them:"
'P.S. I wrote a book about you, I hope one day you'll get to see it.'
21-year-old Julia is a fangirl of several K-pop acts-GOT7, TREASURE, Stray Kids, NCT-but it's the 13-member self-producing idols, SEVENTEEN, who are her ultimate stan group. She's been down the whole Hallyu
Eight really is *fate*.
2020 is definitely Stray Kids' breakout year into the global music scene. The eight-piece boy group isn't only one of the fastest-rising K-pop acts, but they've also released one of the *best* songs of
Filipinos sure love to tweet!
For over 10 years, Twitter has become every K-pop fan's go-to platform where they can do some serious spazzing (ICYDK, this term is similar to fangirling, but make it extra excited). It serves as their bridge to communicating with
It's time to hit that Follow button.
I just have to say it: K-pop is taking over the world. If you're new into the scene or are looking for new acts to update your playlist, then we've got you covered! K-pop stans know
There's no stopping this fourth-gen boy group from getting bigger than ever.
Eight-piece boy group, Stray Kids, may have only been in the K-pop industry for a little over two years, but their bold musicality and powerful stage performances only prove they're here to stay in the long run. They&#
It's another tour affected by the threat of COVID-19.
Due to the threat of coronavirus disease or COVID-19, the Manila leg of K-pop group Stray Kids' District 9: Unlock world tour has been rescheduled from April to June.Concert organizer PULP Live World made the announcement on its
There's no denying the *power* of Pinoy stans!
What was previously considered an ~uncool~ and totally niche music genre, K-pop has blown up in recent years to become an unstoppable global phenomenon. Pinoys, of course, have been long-time lovers of ~all things Korean~, that's why it&#