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Ruffa Gutierrez On Getting Out Of A 6-Year Relationship: 'I'm just happy. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik'

'I'm at the point in my life where ayoko na ng detours.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/iloveruffag

It was in November 2020 when Ruffa Gutierrez first revealed that she and her French-Israeli boyfriend of six years, Jordan Mouyal, had broken up. It's been a few months since then, and the actress recently spoke about how life is like being single. According to, Ruffa shared some of her ~love learnings~ during a virtual press con on February 6: "It's easy to fall in love but it takes work to stay in love."

"With me, I just came out of a relationship and I'm happily single right now," she continued. Ruffa, who has two teenaged daughters, Lorin and Venice, said that she's focusing on her kids and career and doesn't see herself getting into another relationship just yet: "So, as of now, I'm just happy. I don't know. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another relationship yet. I think at this point, I just want to concentrate on my career, my kids. And you can always be happy and be in love on your own."

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Ruffa didn't go into detail about her most recent breakup and only had good words to say about all her exes in general. "Lahat ng mga relationships ko in the past, wala akong sama ng loob sa kanila," she said.

"I always learn something from each and every person that I've fallen in love with. And sometimes, minsan, wala naman talaga silang kasalanan, you know, but it's time to just close the page. Move on to the next chapter and you just thank them for the reason that they have brought you happiness."

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Ruffa was previously married to Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas from 2003 to 2007 and has had several showbiz boyfriends throughout her career. Although currently not looking for a partner, she closed off the topic still hopeful for love to come her way: "I'm at the point in my life where ayoko na ng detours. I'll just stay happy and wait for my forever love."

Even prior to her breakup announcement, Ruffa has been super busy with a series of acting projects! She most recently completed The House Arrest Of Us (which is already available on Netflix) and is also part of the ensemble cast of TV5's Stay-In Love.

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Yup, single's looking pretty good on you, Ruffa!