September 2010 Cover Girl Style: Andi Eigenmann Channels Hollywood Glam

Our young and vibrant cover girl pulls off the classic look of old Hollywood, with the help of flawless makeup and some classic pieces in crimson.

Andi EigenmannWith the holidays coming up in a few months, it's time you give your holiday wardrobe some thought. You could get inspiration from Cosmopolitan's September cover girl fashion, which was done mostly in one of Fall/Winter 2010's hottest colors, crimson.

Cosmo associate fashion editor Happy Lopez styled our cover girl, and she pulled out only the most glamorous-looking red items from the local fashion brand Andi herself endorses, The Ramp Crossings. Then, the Cosmo team styled her to look like a classic Hollywood princess, to highlight the fact that this rising star comes from local showbiz royalty.

To complement her glamorous screen siren outfits, makeup artist Kusie Ho made her look very classic by using just brown tones and clear eye shadow. He defined her eyes with eyeliner and extended the line a bit to add drama. He finished the look with super red lipstick that made our cover girl's pretty pouters pop.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video here to see how we glammed up our cover girl this month, and click through the gallery below to see the outfits that made it to this month's issue--and those that we pulled out as outfit options. You just might find the one that would suit your inner diva!

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