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8 *Essential* Facts About 'Hospital Playlist' Star Shin Hyun Bin

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The year 2020 blessed us with the slice-of-life medical drama Hospital Playlist and the duo we all loved to shipthe Winter Garden Couple! One-half of the duo is Dr. Jang Gyeo Ul, played by Shin Hyun Bin. She captured everyone's hearts (including Dr. Ahn Jeong Won's), catapulting the veteran but low-key actress to instant fame. Now that the second season of Hospital Playlist started airing on Netflix, it's time to get to know Shin Hyun Bin who has had an impressive 11-year acting career so far.

Shin Hyun Bin in Hospital Playlist

Here's *everything* you need to know about Korean actress Shin Hyun Bin:

1. Shin Hyun Bin was born on April 10, 1986.

Which makes her a 35-year-old Aries! People born under this sign are known to be go-getters and extremely honest. In an interview with iMBC Entertainment News, she detailed how similar her personality is to that of her Hospital Playlist character Jang Gyeo Ul: "It is similar to my real personality. People around me felt the same way. It's really indifference when dealing with things I don't care about. On the other hand, I am passionate about what I love." 


2. Shin Hyun Bin was an art theory major. 

She got interested in art at an early age as her father worked in the design industry. She majored in Art Theory at the Korea National University of Arts but eventually pursued acting after graduation. The actress still enjoys going to art galleries and museums, as seen in her *artsy* Instagram posts. "I really like being stimulated by the senses. However, it has been a long time since I worked as an actor so I can say that I have more expertise in this profession than in art. Still, I like art a lot," she said in an interview with Cine21 magazine

3. Shin Hyun Bin is a Baeksang Arts Award winner.

Looks like the career change paid off! She bagged the Best New Actress award at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards in 2011 for starring as a Vietnamese migrant worker in the dark comedy film He's On Duty. That same year, she won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards for her role in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. More recently, she was nominated in the Best New Actress category at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for the 2020 crime thriller movie Beasts Clawing At Straws. 

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4. She appeared in several music videos.

Aside from starring in K-dramas and movies, Shin Hyun Bin has also been featured in several music videos. Her early appearances include Epitone Project's "Hate" and Kim Jin Pyo's "I Shouldn't Have Gone" and "Walking Dead." She recently appeared in Yesung's "Paper Umbrella" and Sechs Kies' "Don't Look Back." 

5. Shin Hyun Bin is an in-demand brand endorser.

From electronics to coffee, Shin Hyun Bin became the face of several South Korean brands throughout her 11-year career. The year 2020 was particularly good for the actress, receiving five endorsement deals including Head & Shoulders, Neutrogena, and Maxim T.O.P with Hallyu star Won Bin.

6. Yup, Shin Hyun Bin is on Instagram!

Apart from behind-the-scenes photos of her drama and commercial shoots, you can also witness Shin Hyun Bin's daily life on her Instagram account @hyunbeenshin which includes traveling, going to art galleries, and eating out. She's a total foodie!


7. Shin Hyun Bin has pretty famous BFFs.

She is super close with fellow actresses Kim Go Eun and Han Hyo Joo. She met Go Eun on the set of the 2018 ensemble film Sunset In My Hometown and has been friends ever since. As for her friendship with Hyo Joo, Hyun Bin shared in an interview with Esquire Korea, "We met by chance and we have been friends for quite some time." 

8. This year, Shin Hyun Bin is back with two new acting projects (so far).

You can catch her on new episodes of Hospital Playlist Season every Thursday on Netflix. She is also gearing up for the role of Hae Won in the upcoming JTBC drama A Person Similar To You. Shin Hyun Bin might even star alongside Song Joong Ki in the drama Chaebol Family's Youngest Son as Soompi reported she has received the offer to play the female lead, Prosecutor Seo Min Young.


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