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7 Stream-Worthy Shows And Movies Starring *Golden Child* Members

These picks will put a smile on your face!
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When 10-member boy band Golden Child debuted in 2017, they were often dubbed as the "little brothers" of idol group Infinite. Through the years, the group has carved a name for themselves by churning out hits and taking on acting projects with sub-vocalist and dancer Choi Bomin at the forefront. Find out why their fans, Goldenness, are so into them by adding these picks to your watchlist!

Early Projects

1. Golden Movie (2018)

Where to watch it: Woolim Entertainment YouTube Channel

The plot: In this short film, the members of Golden Child sharpen their acting chops as students dealing with the highs and lows of campus life. The plot centers on Bomin's character and his obsession with superpowers. Fans will love how the members let loose and interact with each other as they join Bomin on a journey of self-discovery that gets put to the test on a special day marked by a total eclipse.


2. Melting Me Softly (2019)

Where to watch it: Viu, iQIYI 

The plot: Sci-fi rom-com Melting Me Softly centers on ace variety show director Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) who dreams of producing the show of a lifetime by freezing his variety show subjects for 24 hours. All-around stunt woman Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) signs up for his Frozen Human Project alongside him. The experiment goes haywire and the two end up in cryosleep for 20 years. When they finally wake up, they find themselves in a world very different from the world they once knew where they need to rely on each other to survive. Bomin stars as Hwang Ji Hoon, a university freshman who falls for Mi Ran.

3. Crash! Insignificant Roommates (2019)

Where to watch it: Studio Lululala's YouTube Channel 

The plot: All members of Golden Child come together in this youth drama about 10 friends who have been living together since their high school days. It tackles topics such as coming to terms with university life and the ups and downs of adulting. If you want to get a glimpse into what the guys could be like as housemates, then this show is definitely for you!

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Recent Projects

4. 18 Again (2020)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu, iQIYI 

The plot: Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) and Hong Dae Young (Yoong Sang Hyun) have been married for 18 years. When Da Jung decides to call it quits, Dae Young's life sinks to an all-time low. While contemplating his situation, he makes a wish to go back in time and miraculously finds himself transformed back to his 18-year-old body. Taking on an alias as Go Woo Young (Lee Do Hyun), his second chance at life allows him to get to know his children better and makes him realize what went wrong with his family and married life. Get ready to fall for Bomin's character, Seo Ji Ho as he crushes on Dae Young's daughter!

5. Idol Workshop Golden Child (2020)

Where to watch it: U+ Idol Live YouTube Channel

The plot: Join the members of Golden Child as they take on a series of challenges that will test their wit and physical prowess. If you're keen on learning about the group and the unique charm of each member, this show is worth the investment!


6. Convenience Store Fling (2021)

Where to watch it: Dingo Music YouTube Channel

The plot: This interactive web drama from Dingo Music serves major K-pop feels with its stellar cast of idols: AB6IX's Dong Hyun, Golden Child's Jaehyun, VICTON’s Subin, and PENTAGON's Wooseok. The fantastic four are the show's male leads who all fall for convenience store employee Yeo Joo Ah (Choi Ji Soo). When the show aired, it integrated an interactive component by allowing viewers to choose which guy Joo Ah ends up with through an online voting system. Jaehyun brings the cute on by playing a younger guy who looks up to Joo Ah as his noona, but is vocal about his affection for her.

Upcoming Projects

7. Shadow Beauty (airs in late 2021)

The plot: Student Goo Ae Jin (Shim Dal Gi) is often overlooked by her classmates because of her ordinary looks. Little do they know that mild-mannered Ae Jin lives a double life on SNS as Jinny, an influencer known for her beautiful selfies. Her world turns upside down when straight-A class president Kim Ho (Bomin) starts paying attention to her and proposes a unique alliance.



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