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7 Shows You Can Binge-Watch During The Break

Time for your much-needed ~staycation~!
PHOTO: 13 Reasons Why/Netflix

For all of those planning on a staycation this Holy Week break, we've got you covered! For most of us, this break serves as a much-needed R&R period so what better way to ~celebrate~ time away from work but to binge-watch TV series!

Here, we have six shows you can finish during the break:

13 Reasons Why

Why it's binge-able: This YA novel adaptation (of the same title) is a deep, dark, and honest telling about how a group of teens are connected their 17-year-old classmate's suicide. PLUS: It is so, so good.  

Length of the show: 13 episodes, 1 hour each


Why it's binge-able: The teen drama is part murder mystery, part romance (Bughead forever!), part WTH are you doing Archie?!

Length of the show: 9 episodes released (out of 13), 45 minutes each

Santa Clarita Diet

Why it's binge-able: This comedy's amusingly fresh take on zombies totally leaves you craving for more!

Length of the show: 10 episodes, 25 minutes each

Big Little Lies

Why it's binge-able: Who knew the seemingly perfect lives of young California moms could be so scandalous?

Length of the show: 7 episodes, 1 hour each

The Crown

Why it's binge-able: The period drama is rich in history lessons and hidden secrets of the British royal family.

Length of the show: 10 episodes, 1 hour each

Stranger Things

Why it's binge-able: This Sci-Fi cult favorite was the biggest show of 2016 and if you haven't seen it yet, do so NOW.

Length of the show: 8 episodes, 1 hour each

Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

Why it's binge-able: Trust us, this reality show of 6 Japanese 20-somethings living in Tokyo is seriously addictive.

Length of the show: 46 episodes, 25 minutes each

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