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Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Practicing Their *First Kiss* Is The Dose Of Positivity You Need Today

PHOTO: Youtube/The Swoon

I know we are all in need of *essential* Crash Landing On You content, since the next episode won't be released until February 1. In a newly-released video from Netflix, we see behind-the-scenes snippets of the cast—including Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin rehearsing their very first kiss in the show!

Remember that scene in Episode 3 where they all thought Se-ri (Son Ye Jin) would be able to go back to the South via boat transfer? Some soldiers unexpectedly inspect the boat, and our two faves are forced to hide. Just when they're about to get discovered, a panicking Se-ri tells Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) to "do something" and he ends up kissing her to divert the soldiers' attention. After all, it was a life-or-death situation and that's "how they do it in South Korean dramas!"

If you skip to the 8:23 mark, you'll see Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin discussing how to film the scene, with Hyun Bin trying out different *angles* for the kiss. Kyeopta! We also see them reviewing the footage and laughing at themselves.

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The vid also shows us Se-ri's paragliding scene, Captain Ri catching her as she fell from the tree, and bloopers with So Dan (Seo Ji Hye), Seung-joon (Kim Jung Hyun), and the Company Five!

Watch the vid here:

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