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A Guide To Captain Ri's *Lovable* Soldiers In 'Crash Landing On You'

Get to know the actors who play our fave supporting characters!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Crash Landing On You/Netflix, (RIGHT) Instagram/leesin_y

We know everyone can't get enough of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's amazing chemistry on Crash Landing On You. But the hit K-drama's massive success doesn't rest on its lead actors alonewhat keeps us hooked (and totally entertained!) every week is also because of its super-talented supporting cast. The Company Five, Captain Ri's (Hyun Bin) team of soldiers, is made up of distinct and charming characters. They're an easy fan favorite, so we did some internet sleuthing and found some fast facts about these relatively unknown actors.


P.S. Most of them are on Insta!

Captain Ri's Company Five:

Lee Shin Young as Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom

Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom is arguably the most gwapo of the buncheven Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye Jin) thinks so! He's quiet and mysterious, and the one who Captain Ri trusts the most in carrying out Se-ri-related secret missions. The role is played by 21-year-old newbie actor Lee Shin Young. CLOY is his first-ever TV drama, so props to him! If you wanna see more of him, check out the web dramas Just One Bite and It's Okay To Be Sensitive 2. And, yes, he's on Insta, so hit that Follow button rn!

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Yoo Soo Bin as Soldier Kim Joo Muk

This Hallyu-loving soldier is every K-drama fan's twin soul. Kim Joo Muk secretly binge-watches dramas while at work, has the most knowledge about South Korean culture, and is the ultimate Choi Ji Woo fanboy. Actor Yoo Soo Bin, who plays Joo Muk, is 27 years old and has been in several dramas and films. Before CLOY, he starred in the 2019 time travel film The Present, alongside EXO's Suho. He's also on Insta and posts the most about CLOY-related and behind-the-scenes content.


Tang Joon Sang as Junior Soldier Keum Eun Dong

The bunso of the bunch is Junior Soldier Keum Eun Dong, who's a total sweetheart and misses his family a lot. Too bad he has over nine years left to serve in the North Korean military before he's discharged. IRL though, the role is played by 16-year-old actor Tang Joon Sang. He's been in several dramas and movies, and one of his most notable projects pre-CLOY is the coming-of-age film Young-ju in 2018.


Yang Kyung Won as Sergeant Major Pyo Chi Soo

Sergeant Major Pyo Chi Soo gives us the most entertainment by having a love-hate relationship with Se-ri. He's outwardly *against* keeping Se-ri safe (read: masungit af), but as we all know, he secretly has a soft spot for her. Not much is known about Yang Kyung Won, the actor who plays Chi Soo, but we do know that he played a supporting role in the Song Joong Ki fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles in 2019. He doesn't have Insta, but is frequently featured in his ~comrades'~ accounts. In the pic below, he's the one making the finger heart (uy!) at the far left:


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