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You Guys, Song Joong Ki Will Be Speaking *Italian* In 'Vincenzo'

PHOTO: YouTube/Netflix Asia

In case you haven't started watching yet, Song Joong Ki will be speaking Italian in the Netflix K-drama VincenzoOMG.

In an online press conference, Joong Ki shared that he had to learn the language to portray his role. In Vincenzo, he plays Vincenzo Cassano, a lawyer and mafia consigliere, an advisor to a crime boss. Adopted as a child in Italy, he later on returns to South Korea to exact revenge on his enemies. 

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As a part of the Italian mafia, Vincenzo must naturally speak the language, which prompted Joong Ki to take lessons, something he reportedly found challenging.

This isn't the first time that Joong Ki had to learn a foreign language for a role. He actually also learned some Spanish for two recent movies.

“I learned Spanish in Space Sweepers and in the recent movie Bogotá, I had to use a lot of Spanish, so I thought Italian wouldn’t be too difficult,” Joong Ki shared. “But the two languages are very different. Also, speaking Italian in Korea, which is a foreign setting for the character, wasn’t easy to balance, but it was fun.”

Guess we'll be rewatching a lot of scenes from Vincenzo now!

Vincenzo dropped on Netflix on February 20. 

Watch the trailer here:

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