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Sunshine Cruz Denies She And Her Daughters Got A Passenger *Bumped* From Her Bali Flight

'Let’s not assume lalo na 'di naman pala sure.'
Sunshine Cruz denies she and her daughters caused a passenger to be bumped from her Bali flight
PHOTO: Instagram/sunshinecruz718

Sunshine Cruz is *relieved* after clearing her name following accusations from netizens that it was she and her daughters who messed up someone's flight to Indonesia.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, a netizen ranted that she had been *bumped* from her flight to Bali because of a certain celebrity family receiving VIP treatment.

The female netizen claimed that the airline had upgraded the said celebrity family's seats as he/she did not want their economy seats. She and her travel companion were only able to get back on the same flight after two passengers accepted an offer for free roundtrip tickets in exchange for giving up their seats. 

Incidentally, Sunshine and her daughters Samantha, Angelina, and Chesca were enjoying a holiday in Bali, Indonesia at the time, causing some netizens to assume they were the celebrity family the netizen was referring to.  


Also with them on the trip were Ruffa Gutierrez with her brother daughter Venice Bektas, and Bubbles Paraiso, among others.

Sunshine quickly slammed the rumors, clarifying in a Facebook post that she had made their travel arrangements the month before. She also aired her frustration at the Facebook user who triggered netizens to attack her and her daughters.

"Not us!" Sunshine insisted. "Booked and paid since [the] first week of March. My family and friends have tickets to Bali at nakasakay ka din naman pala, girl. Hinayaan mo pang i-bash at guluhin kami ng mga tao sa insidente na wala kaming kaalam-alam at kasalanan. Ngayong lumaki ang issue, deleted na ang post mo, girl?!"

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In a separate FB post, Sunshine addressed the public, saying, "Let’s not assume lalo na 'di naman pala sure para hindi tayo nakakasakit at nakakagulo ng ibang tao."


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