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All The Super Junior Members Who Have Launched Their Own YouTube Channels

Because you can never get enough Super Junior content!
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It seems like everybody is launching a YouTube channel these days (not that we're complaining!). From Park Seo Joon to Park Min Young, even Hallyu stars are making their way to the content platform. It's a great opportunity to share more personal content with fans, so it comes to no surprise that Korean celebs have happily taken advantage. The latest idol group to ask viewers to subscribe? Super Junior!

Not only do they have a group channel—majority of the members have created their own! ELFs do have one request, though: Please time your YouTube Lives so there's no overlap, LOL! Imagine getting a notification for 3+ channels all streaming at the same time—it's a fun if frantic way to learn how to multitask. *winks*

If you want even *more* Super Junior content, here's a list of the members' individual channels, and the kind of content you can expect from them. Yesung and Eunhyuk, ELFs can't wait for you to launch your channels next!

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Why you should subscribe: As the former host of Super Junior's radio show Sukira ("Super Junior Kiss The Radio"), Leeteuk has branded his channel as "Kiss The YouTube". He goes live frequently—and by that, I mean nearly every day. If you like listening to SJ's leader talk about every topic under the sun, hit that follow button. He also has several cooking vids on the channel—did you know he published his own cookbook?

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Why you should subscribe: Visit "HeeTube" for clips of Heechul gaming, behind-the-scenes moments with his celebrity friends and fellow Super Junior members, and candid mukbang videos. Bonus: Look forward to special appearances from his dog, Bok!


Why you should subscribe: Shindong has been getting well-deserved praise for his stage and video director work lately, and he's translated that love for technology to his YouTube channel. Follow him for in-depth reviews on gaming and tech, plus behind-the-scenes footage of his projects!

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Why you should subscribe: Although Sungmin isn't currently participating in group activities, he's still listed as a member of SJ on SM's official website. Check out his channel if you want to stay updated on Sungmin's daily activities—he does song covers, tries viral food trends, and more!


Why you should subscribe: Donghae *loves* YouTube. If you've already tapped that notification bell, you'll know he goes Live on YT at the most random hours just to spend time chatting with fans. Lately though, Donghae has been producing more high-quality videos to show ELFs behind-the-scenes clips from SJ's concerts, and the making of his own solo track "Harmony"


Why you should subscribe: The most recent member to join the list, Siwon's YouTube channel is just as polished as the idol, actor, and UNICEF ambassador himself. Look forward to updates on his "No Challenge, No Change" project, video dialogues, behind-the-scenes footage, and surprise appearances from his celebrity friends! 

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Why you should subscribe: Ryeowook's vlogs lets us take a peek inside the actor's *real* life. He shares his daily schedules, concert stages, song and music video recordings, and more with viewers in episodes fondly called "Ryeowook's AGIT". ICYDK, agit is the Korean word for "hideout", and a reference to "The Agit": A 2015-2017 concert series by SM solo artists to share a unique experience with their fans.


Why you should subscribe: "KyuTV" has a little bit of everything. SJ maknae (youngest member) Kyuhyun regularly invites idol friends on his show to chat (his first guest was his BFF TVXQ's Changmin!), but he also showcases his *amazing* voice by doing live mini-concerts and sharing clips of himself in the recording room. His adorable twin nephews also make cameo appearances!


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