8 Teleseryes About Long-Lost Heiresses From Rich Families

This fairy tale plot has been in existence FOR DECADES, but we still love it!
PHOTO: (LEFT) The Blood Sisters/ABS-CBN Entertainment, (RIGHT) Princess and I/ABS-CBN Entertainment

At one point in your life, you've had this one daydream: It turns out that you're adopted, and a rich couple will claim you as their long-lost daughter and take you to this enormous mansion where you'll start living a life of comfort. 

Of course, that ~rarely~ happens in real life, but this fairy tale trope is a staple for Filipino teleseryes! Here, we listed down eight soap operas with long-lost heiresses: 

1. Annaliza (1980 and 2013)

The lost heiress: Julie Vega and Andrea Brillantes as Anna Liza/Annaliza  

The sitch: Annaliza is the long-lost daughter of a rich couple who was stolen from her parents as a baby by her father's vengeful ex-girlfriend! 

2. Mara Clara (1992 and 2010)

The lost heiress: Judy Ann Santos and Kathryn Bernardo as Mara 

The sitch: Mara and Clara (Gladys Reyes/Julia Montes) were born on the exact same day and switched at birth! These events were recorded in a diary and Mara grows up as the poor daughter of a labandera while Clara has every material thing a girl could ever want. 

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3. Pangako Sa 'Yo (2000 and 2015) 

The lost heiress: Kristine Hermosa and Kathryn Bernardo as Yna Macaspac

The sitch: Yna works as a maid at the rich Buenavista household, not knowing that her real mother, now a rich woman named Amor Powers (Eula Valdez/Jodi Sta. Maria), thought she died in a dumpsite landslide. Yna falls in love with the family's only son Angelo Buenavista (Jericho Rosales/Daniel Padilla) and endures bullying and discrimination from his mother Claudia (Jean Garcia/Angelica Panganiban), who also happens to be Amor's archnemesis. 

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4. Babaeng Hampaslupa (2011) 

The lost heiress: Alex Gonzaga as Elizabeth Wong 

The sitch: The daughter of an affluent Chinese family, Elizabeth is stolen by her father's vengeful ex-girlfriend as a baby. Years later, Elizabeth, now called Grace, unknowingly works for her real family as a maid! 

5. Ina, Kapatid, Anak (2012) 

The lost heiress: Kim Chiu as Celyn 

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The sitch: Celyn grows up poor but loved, and when she starts her new life as a college student, she meets ultra-rich Margaux (Maja Salvador), the "adopted" heir to a shoe empire. They become best friends until it's revealed that Celyn is actually the biological daughter of Margaux's parents! 

6. Princess And I (2012)

The lost heiress: Kathryn Bernardo as Princess Areeyah

The sitch: Areeyah, the sole heiress to the fictional country of Yangdon, ends up in the Philippines where she grows up as "Mikay," the adopted daughter of a middle-class family. As a teenager, Mikay wins a trip to Yangdon, where she encounters her father and the people who want to take over her throne. 

7. The Blood Sisters (2018) 

The lost heiresses: Erich Gonzales as Erika, Carrie, and Agatha 

The sitch: Triplets Erika, Carrie, and Agatha were carried by a surrogate mother! They get separated after the *deal* their parents made falls through. The story centers on Erika as an adult and she works as a dancer at a bar. She is also the mother of a boy who has a chronic illness.   

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8. Prima Donnas (2019) 

The lost heiresses:  Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, and Sofia Pablo as Donna Marie, Donna Belle, and Donna Lyn 

The sitch: A rich married couple finds it hard to conceive a child, so they hire their trusted housekeeper to be a surrogate mother. The housekeeper gives birth to three daughters, but fate has other plans: The triplets are separated from their biological parents and are raised by their surrogate mother instead. 

How many of these shows have you seen, CGs? 

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