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'The Knight Before Christmas' Trailer Is Here And It's About To Be Our New Favorite Holiday Film

It's definitely full of cliches and of course we're going to watch it!
PHOTO: Netflix

Did anyone ask for a knight in shining armor?

In her new film The Knight Before Christmas, Vanessa Hudgens plays a science teacher named Brooke who doesn't believe in love anymore. She literally bumps into Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) with her car, and he claims to be a medieval knight who's been "transported to present-day Ohio by a sorceress!" A kind (and slightly guilty) Brooke decides to help him until he ~comes to his senses ~. However, she soon wonders if he's telling the truthif Cole really is who he says he is. She also helps him navigate his way through modern devices like radios, cars, and...modern clothes. 

In the film's trailer, Sir Cole uses words like "m'lady," there are cute interactions with some kids, there's a part where the knight takes his shirt off, and another where he catches Brooke just when she's about to fall. The Knight Before Christmas has all the elements of a cliche holiday rom-com and we are all here for it! 


Josh Whitehouse is a British actor who's appeared in the historical TV series Poldark, where he played a character named Lieutenant Hugh Armitage. Meanwhile, we last saw Vanessa in the 2018 Christmas film The Princess Switch (which is going to have a sequel, BTW).

You can stream The Knight Before Christmas on Netflix starting November 21, 2019. Mark your calendars! 

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