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Toni Gonzaga And Paul Soriano Made The Most *Kilig* Q&A Vlog

Toni: What is success? Paul: When I can share it with you guys.
PHOTO: Youtube/Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano

Here's some kilig to cap off your hectic work week: Toni Gonzaga invited a super special guest to star in her most recent vlog, her husband Paul Soriano. The director and producer is known to be notoriously private, so it was extra meaningful for him to do a quick Q&A vlog with Toni. The title of the video is called Questions I Have Never Asked Paul, so we were sure to get some juicy tidbits about their life and relationship!

The video started off with Toni asking random Qs about Paul's interests: Why he wears the same outfit every day? It's comfortable. How he handles his bashers? He doesn't. Which Hollywood actor he wants to work with? Denzel Washington. Who's his favorite director? Steven Spielberg.

The Qs then went a bit deeper with Paul giving us legit feels 'cause of his sweet AF answers! Read our faves below:

What is success?

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When I can share it with you guys.

What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

Honestly, I would leave you and Seve to write it. Why would I write it? That's so self-centered naman. You guys write it so that'd be even more heartfelt because that's how you saw me.

What makes you happy?

You and Seve. Family.

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What's one thing that you would want me to change?

Nothing. Because I don't want you to say later on that you regretted that change and then mag-aaway. So you kinda have to just love and accept people for who they are, and the change will just come naturally.

What makes you kilig?

Right now, in the stage of our relationship, our kilig has evolved…into watching you taking care of our son, when you change his diaper when you know I don't want to, when you brush his teeth and you already know I'm sleeping.

When did you know when I was The One?

I think for me, it was because I never forgot you. Parang you were always in my mind. You never left.

What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when we were boyfriend and girlfriend?

The publicity…Of course, your parents! With your parents naman, at the end of the day, you just have to respect. You may not agree, so you agree to disagree. Ganun lang. That's the choice I [made]. I mean, I wanted to be with their daughter, ganito mga rules nila even if I don't agree [with them].

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What's the best thing about me being your wife?

That when you were my girlfriend, I didn't expect that you would be able to take care of a home. You're a homemaker, a housewife, despite the 101 things you do. When we were dating, there was no inkling about that about you.

For the eight years that we were dating, you never experienced mornings, you would always wake up after lunch. I was like, "Paano 'to 'pag mommy [na siya] 'di ba?" But now you're awake at 5, 6 a.m.

What's your biggest achievement?


How did Seve change you?

Oh, a hundred and eighty degrees. I just love the guy too much.

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....But this, you guys, is our absolute FAVE:

What would make you walk out of our marriage?

It's when you walk out of it.

What if I don't?

Then I won't.

Ugh, BRB. Dying of kilig.

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