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Twitter Reacts To Ayn Bernos Not Taking Home The Miss Universe Philippines Crown

Ayn has definitely inspired Pinays to love their skin!
ayn beros miss universe philippines 2021
PHOTO: Facebook/Miss Universe Philippines

Twitter was on fire after Miss San Juan Ayn Bernos was eliminated from the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant. Ayn made it to the Top 16 contestants of the coronation night on September 30.

While Ayn was a fan favorite, the morena beauty queen made such an impact leading up to the coronation night of the pageant. She previously topped the video intro challenge and the Top 75 contestants of the Miss Universe Philippines preliminaries.

Ayn's elimination from the pageant took netizens by surprise. After all, Ayn has been lauded for fearlessly standing up to current beauty standards where she said, "I did not join Miss Universe Philippines because I believed I was the beauty standard. I joined it because I KNOW I'm not, and it's about time girls like me are allowed to try, too."

Proof of Ayn's popularity among pageant fans was evident during the Miss Universe Philippines coronation night, with #Ayn Bernos trending on Twitter.

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Here are some of the best tweets in support of Ayn Bernos:

"Ayn Bernos will literally own the stage the moment she speaks."

"Ayn Bernos behind the stage…"

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"THEE Ayn Bernos carried"

"She would have killed it"

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"The fact that she redefined beauty queen standards and made it her own—that in itself is already a victory"

"She's won long before tonight"

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"She is a game-changer"

"You made every Filipina be proud of their color"

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"Ikaw ay tunay na palaban at magandang Pilipina"

Ayn, who's also a content creator on TikTok, often posts "Daily Reminders" where she shares inspiring messages that tackle topics like self-love and body positivity. Right after the competition ended, Ayn posted a quick reminder saying, "Guess I'm back on TikTok!"

You're ~still~ a winner, Ayn! Congratulations!

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