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Valeen Montenegro On Being Called Flat-Chested: 'I love them how they are'

'I'm not at all insecure about them.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/valeentawak

To whoever needs to hear this today: You are valid and you are beautifulmay you be tall or short, fat or thin, with big breasts or tiny ones. You are perfectly you and you don't have to fit anyone's standards of what you should look like. With that being said, Valeen Montenegro underscores just this.

In a recent episode of her show Mars Pa More, the 30-year-old host-actress participated in a segment in which the hosts had to fill in the blanks of a controversial statement. She was given the sentence: "Shout out nga pala doon sa mga mahihilig mang-judge at sabihin na ako ay _____ at sabihin na ako ay _____."

Valeen then shared that she's always been judged for being flat-chested and that her small breasts made her look less feminine: "'Shout out nga pala sa mahihilig mag-judge at sabihin na ako ay [flat-chested] or nakatalikod. Sana ay mas malaki na lang yung boobs para mas perfect, mas feminine tingnan.' 'Yon ang lagi nilang sinasabi."


She revealed that this is the first instance for her to discuss this topic and that she's incredibly proud of what her body looks like. Known to be always under the sun and doing a variety of workouts, Valeen also said that having small breasts matches her lifestyle: "But for the record—actually, parang first time ko itong sasabihin sa TV—I'm very confident with my babies. I love them how they are. Kasi hindi siya hindrance [to my active lifestyle]. I'm not saying naman for other people that have bigger boobies than me are nahihirapan. Pero I love the way they are and I'm not at all insecure about them. As in, I'm so confident and I'm so blessed to have [these]. Kasi feeling ko, sakto siya sa lifestyle ko din."

She then joked that even though she doesn’t have big breasts, she was still blessed with a fuller butt: "At saka medyo umano naman sa backside. Sobrang fair ni Lord, binawian Niya ako sa backside!"

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You do you, Valeenflat chest and all!

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