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Yup, BLACKPINK Doesn't Have A Leader In Their Group; Here's The Reason Why

Nope, it's not Jisoo!
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/blackpinkofficial

One cool aspect of K-pop is that most of the time, groups have clearly defined designations in their team dynamics, and one of the most crucial roles is that of the leader. In almost all K-pop groups, the leader acts as the decision-maker, the de facto communicator in public engagements, and the one who keeps the peace among its members. But what's interesting, though, is that not all groups have leaders, and ~surprise, surprise~ BLACKPINK is one of them.


They are the highest-charting K-pop girl group of all time so how is this possible, you ask?! Well, the girls actually spoke about their unique group structure in their recent guesting on Knowing Bros. The hosts brought up the fact that BLACKPINK doesn't have a leadersome of them even thought that Jisoo was the leader this whole time! Lisa spoke up for the team and revealed that each of them has unique roles that contribute to the group's harmony.

"We all have things that we're good at, so we each have our own roles in the group," Lisa explained. "Since I'm a good dancer, I take care of all things dance-related, while Jennie initiates things, Jisoo makes the difficult decisions as the oldest, and Rosé is in charge of all the little details." It was also revealed that Jennie is the one who speaks to their agency, YG Entertainment, when they have any requests or complaints.



In short, BLACKPINK uses their individual strengths to their advantage! BLACKPINK isn't the only group in K-pop without a leader, some of the others are KARD, ONEUS, miss A, and Secret Number.


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