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What We Know About Upcoming Netflix Movie 'Uglies' Starring Joey King

It's based on the bestselling YA novel!

YA dystopian novel enthusiasts, another book is getting a film adaptation! Netflix announced on September 30 that the Young Adult dystopian novel Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld is getting a movie adaptation.


The Kissing Booth star Joey King is joining the main cast, presumably to play the main character Tally Youngblood, and will also act as an executive producer for the film.

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Reports also say that the movie adaptation will be directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, who worked on Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Terminator Salvation, and The Babysitter.


Uglies is a dystopian novel that came out in 2005. The premise revolves around a society where everyone, as soon as they turn 16, gets the "pretty" operation to transform their looks to fit society's standards. Tally Youngblood, who was eager to get the operation, soon finds out that there are downsides to being "pretty."

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It was followed by three more books, namely Pretties, Specials, and Extras. In 2018, Scott Westerfeld announced that he will be releasing four new novels in a follow-up series, the first of which is called Impostors.


There's no news yet about who the rest of the cast will be or when the film is slated for release, but we'll keep our eyes out! For now, we'll just rewatch the first two The Kissing Booth films for our daily dose of Joey King and maybe even read more YA titles.


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