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8 Yoo Seung Ho K-Dramas You Should Watch Right Now

Belated happy birthday, Yoo Seung Ho!
Yoo Seung Ho K-dramas

Yoo Seung Ho has been in show business since he was young, charming audiences as a child actor in both movies and films. You might recognize him as the young counterpart to some of your fave historical drama protagonists before he got his own supporting role in Queen Seondeok. Post-military service, he made his transition to an in-demand leading man. To celebrate his birthday this month, here’s a list of our fave Yoo Seung Ho K-dramas through the years.

K-Dramas Starring Yoo Seung Ho

1. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011)

Ji Chang Wook stars as the titular Baek Dong Soo in this action-packed historical drama about a swordsman who gets caught up in a political plot as a member of the royal guard. Seung Ho plays Yeo Woon, Dong Soo’s frenemy. He’s involved in a rebellious plot against the dynasty, working as a mole for an assassin. He got martial arts training just for the role. Bonus: You can catch Hotel Del Luna’s Yeo Jin Goo, another star who started his career as a child actor, playing the young Dong Soo here.


2. Operation Proposal (2012)

Seung Ho bagged his first role as a leading man in this drama, reuniting with Park Eun Bin, who worked with him in the historical drama The Legend when they were both child actors. Operation Proposal is a remake of the Japanese drama of the same name. A fantasy romance, it tells the story of Baek Ho (Seung Ho) who regrets not telling his best friend, Yi Seul (Eun Bin), that he’s in love with her. At Yi Seul’s wedding to another man, a mysterious figure appears and gives Baek Ho the chance to go back to the past and confess his feelings.

3. Arang And The Magistrate (2012)

Arang And The Magistrate is one of our fave fantasy historical dramas ever. In it, Kim Eun Ho (Lee Jun Ki) is a nobleman with a unique gift: He can interact with spirits. Arang (Shin Min Ah) is a ghost with no recollection of how she died. When Eun Ho becomes the magistrate of her town, she asks for his help. Seung Ho didn’t play the lead here, but he was a certified scene-stealer in his role as the Jade Emperor. With his long, luscious hair and mysterious smile, we couldn’t help falling in love!

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4. Imaginary Cat (2015)

If Joseon Magician was Seung Ho’s comeback film after military service, this was his first drama. It’s Seung Ho with a cat! What’s not to love? This short slow-burn web drama revolves around Hyun Jonghyun, an aspiring webtoon writer who currently works as a part-timer. He lives with his lovely cat, Bok Gil (voiced by Han Ye Ri), and tells her all his hopes and worries. This drama is perfect for animal lovers. You can tell Seung Ho genuinely loves cats whenever he looks into Bok Gil’s eyes!

5. Remember (2015)

This drama was Seung Ho’s official small screen comeback, and we loved it! In this crime thriller, he plays Seo Jin Woo, a man with hyperthymesia, a condition that allows a person to remember events in their life in vivid detail. His father gets Alzheimer’s disease and ends up getting convicted for a murder he didn’t commit. Jin Woo becomes a lawyer and makes it his life goal to clear his father’s name and have the real criminal sent to jail. This also stars Nam Goong Min, who plays the chilling villain Nam Gyu Man. Seung Ho won an Excellence Award for his role in this drama.


6. The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask (2017)

Seung Ho goes back to his bread and butter—historical dramas—with The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask. He plays Crown Prince Yi Sun, who grew up wearing a mask, as his father, the king, wanted to protect him from a shadow organization aiming to take the crown for themselves. Unaware of why he must wear a mask, Yi Sun takes it off and escapes the palace, and learns about the plight of his people first-hand. When the shadow organization finally makes their move, they put a fake (Kim Myung Soo, aka L of Infinite) on the throne, and Yi Sun must find a way to take back what’s his and save his people. Seung Ho was nominated for the Grand Prize (Daesang) for his role in this drama.

7. I'm Not A Robot (2018)

Kim Min Kyu (Seung Ho) is the largest shareholder of big company KM Financial. He’s intelligent and successful, but he hides a secret: He is allergic to human contact. When an outsider tries to buy his company’s AG3, an advanced humanoid robot creation, its maker, Professor Hong Baek Gyun (Uhm Ki Joon), sends the prototype to Min Kyu. When AG3 malfunctions before it gets to Min Kyu, the professor enlists the help of a live human, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin), to fool him. As she pretends to be AG3, she and Min Kyu slowly fall in love.


8. Memorist (2020)

We love seeing Seung Ho in crime dramas, and this one had us on the edge of our seats! This time around, he plays Dong Baek, a detective determined to catch criminals no matter what, no matter how. He has the power to read people’s memories when he touches them. On the trail of a notorious serial killer, he partners up with Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young), a superintendent who holds the distinction of being the youngest person ever to hold the position. The closer they get to solving the crimes, the more confusing the identity of the killer becomes.


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