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8 Of The Scariest And Most Evil K-Drama Villains You'll Ever *Meet*

Most evil K-drama villains
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) The Penthouse/SBS, INSTAGRAM/taecyeonokay

K-drama antagonists make every story even more interesting—we live for their crazy antics and revenge plans. While most of them stress the hell out of us, there are those that are just plain horrifying. We're talking about the villains that have their own background music that just sends shivers down our spines. Oof. 

Here, we rounded up eight K-drama villains whom you will remember forever as the most evil human beings:

1. Vincenzo's Jang Joon Woo

The actor: Ok Taecyeon

What makes him evil: Don't be fooled by his comical, English-speaking character: Jang Jun Woo wouldn't even bat an eyelash and will immediately kill you once you disobey or anger him. The most brutal thing he did that made me watch Vincenzo with one eye closed? When he smashed the head of Mr. Seo using a hockey stick, complete with disturbing sounds. 

2. Itaewon Class' Chairman Jang

The actor: Yoo Jae Myung


What makes him evil: There's something with the surname "Jang" when it comes to villains, 'no? This antagonist from Itaewon Class is someone you're more likely to meet IRL. He always wants to be number one, will do anything to bring others down, and not feel any regret. Plus, his way of raising his equally evil son is by teaching him his immoral ways. Remember when he casually broke that chicken's neck in front of Jang Geun Won?

3. Strangers From Hell's Seo Moon Jo

The actor: Lee Dong Wook

What makes him evil: Who would've thought that a gorgeous dentist is actually a psychopath? Seo Moon Jo brings the horror in the K-drama Strangers From Hell and appears as a friendly neighbor at first. Later on, it was revealed that he's actually into gruesome stuff like, you know, pulling someone's molars out without their consent AND WITHOUT ANESTHESIA. Ouch.

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4. Mouse's Han Seo Joon

The actor: Ahn Jae Wook

What makes him evil: Nope, he's not the loveable Han Seo Joon we know from the other tvN drama, True Beauty—this Han Seo Joon is a genius psychopath serial killer. He's known as the infamous "Head Hunter"—a monstrous criminal who cuts off the heads of his victims. It's later revealed that he did this because of his great plans of performing successful human brain transplants. Siri, please play "Psycho" by Red Velvet.

5. It's Okay To Not Be Okay's Head Nurse Park

The actress: Jang Young Nam

What makes her evil: It's always the too-angelic-for-words that come out as the worst. Head Nurse Park may seem like a doting hospital staff...until her ~true colors~ were revealed. Some of her horrendous activities include killing the mother of Gang Tae and Sang Tae oppa. As a mom, she did not let Mun Yeong live her own life and made sure she ends up like her, Also, the way her eyes widen when she's irritated just gives us the goosebumps!


6. Sky Castle's Kim Joo Young

The actress: Kim Seo Hyung

What makes her evil: Okay, so this tutor can 100% guarantee that your child can be admitted to any of the prestigious universities in South Korea and finish as every Asian family's pride, aka a doctor, lawyer, or professor. The catch though is that your child's mental health will deteriorate and your family will most likely crumble. I guess it's true when they say that if someone is too perfect, it's time to be suspicious.

7. My Love From The Star's Lee Jae Kyung

The actress: Shin Sung Rok

What makes him evil: The perfect villain? That would be Lee Jae Kyung. He has a habit of fidgeting his ring once he's all set to kill someone. Or at least torture them slowly. Because of him, I am now observing other people's mannerisms. Am I scarred or am I scarred?


8. The Penthouse's Joo Dan Tae

The actor: Uhm Ki Joon

What makes him evil: Nothing much to say here but: Joo Dan Tae is the DEVIL. Periodt.

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