How To Lose Weight Using Your Smartphone

These get-sexy apps are completely free, and more importantly, available in the Philippines!

Not everyone has extra cash to spend on gym memberships, personal trainers, and healthy food delivery. Fortunately, there are dozens of effective smartphone apps you can use to jumpstart or aid your fitness regime.

Want to get started ASAP? We narrowed down the choices to the ones available for download in the Philippines and are completely free—no necessary add-on charges or limited trial runs!

1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal
For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry
User rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (via iTunes and Google Play)

You enter your current weight, height, lifestyle, and fitness goals, then the app programs a recommended daily calorie allowance to help you slim down. With its database of more than five million foods and beverages, My Fitness Pal helps you track your daily calorie intake and nutritional value, down to the last drop of dressing. The app also calculates the estimated number of calories you burn per workout using their database of cardio and strength training exercises. P.S. The latest version is available in Filipino!

2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Calorie Count
For: iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
User Rating: 4

Like most diet apps, this one helps you keep track of your daily exercise, food, and water intake. While most users prefer the quality of the website version, the Calorie Counter mobile app stands out from other diet apps with its voice logging system ("one wheat bread, cream cheese…") and the way it grades your food choices like a school report card (ex. Bananas get an A because they’re healthy, while a chocolate chip cookie gets a D). Unlike My Fitness Pal, this app has only 250,000 items. If you can’t find the info for the meal you just ate, you need to tick what’s closest in the selection.

3. Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary
For: iPhone and Android
User Rating: 4.5

Dubbed as the simpler and medical version of My Fitness Pal, My Net Diary has 650,000 foods in their database that’s updated daily. Aside from the usual counting of calories, this app breaks down your fat, carb, and sodium intake. You can sync your daily food, exercise, medical and vitamin intake with the your online web account.

4. Nike+ Training Club
For: iPhone and Android
Rating: 3 on iTunes, 4 on Android

Tailored for the ladies, this app features over 100 guided workouts designed by fitspiration idols such as Maria Sharapova and Yutaka Nakamura. You may choose from quick 15-minute exercises to 45-minute workouts that suit your fitness level, taste, and health goals. You may even synchronize your workouts with your phone’s music library for a fun soundtrack, or connect your phone to a bigger TV screen. It’s easy to remember what your favorite Nike workouts are because they have nicknames such as "Gladiator," "The Heartbreaker," and "Metabolic Meltdown."

5. Johnson & Johnson’s 7 Minute Workout
For: iPhone and Android
Rating: 4.5 on iTunes, 4 on Android

If all you have time for is a quickie, then try this app created by exercise guru Chris Jordan, who stars in the workout videos you’ll see in the app. There are 12 high intensity exercises to pick from, and all you need are three things (a sturdy chair, a wall, and some floor space) and 7 minutes to spare. There are over 1,000 workout permutations and 20 fitness levels to choose from.

6. Noom Coach: Weight Loss
For: iPhone and Android
Rating: 4

Noom focuses on long-term lifestyle changes that will help you choose healthier food and exercise habits. More than the calorie counting and food barcode-searching algorithm, you’ll get daily health and fitness articles to inspire you. There’s also a pedometer that will nudge you to make daily plans such as "walk 10,000 steps today!"Just make sure you have a charger handy because the pedometer’s use of GPS can drain your battery faster.

7. Fitocracy
For: iPhone and Android
Rating: 4.5 on iTunes, 3.5 on Android

If you need extra fun and motivation to work out, Fitocracy acts like a game and fitness app in one. You get to track and encode workouts made by fitness experts. Working out will earn you points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon! Fred The Droid calculates each performance and gives you reward points.

8. Runtastic Six Pack Abs
For: iPhone and Android
Rating: 4.5 on iTunes, 4 on Android

This app guarantees a six-pack in 10 weeks of hard-core training, but we’ll let you try it and decide for yourself. The free version has 20 core-strengthening exercises with animated avatars in HD videos to guide you. If you use My Fitness Pal, you may sync the two apps so that each ab workout you do on Runtastic is automatically encoded in your Fitness Pal program. You may also synchronize your workouts with your phone’s music library.

9. RunKeeper
For: iPhone and Android
Ranking: 4.5

Whether you’re a hard-core triathlete, a leisurely biker, or a weekend park jogger, you can use this app to track your pace, distance, and estimated calories burned after each routine. The free version of RunKeeper also comes with free marathon training plans that can help you prep for your first 5K run or sub marathon. Note that this app uses the GPS tracker, which will drain your battery life quickly, so make sure to turn off your GPS function after each workout.

10. Workout Trainer
For: iPhone and Android
Rate: 4.5 on iTunes, 4 on Android

It’s like having a free personal trainer without any gym equipment. All you need is an exercise mat and good Internet connection to watch the instructional workout videos. Just be careful when you browse through their database. The pay-for-upgrade and free workouts are combined on the same pages, so think before you click. Creating and tracking your own workout programs is free, but it’s tempting to sign up for $10-$20 long-term programs that have titles such as "Brazilian Booty" and "At-Home Boot Camp."

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