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14 Health Hacks Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

You can unclog your nose just by changing your breathing!

How to unclog your nose without blowing it:

After you exhale, hold your breath (you can pinch your nose). Slowly nod your head and hold your breath for as long as you can. When you need to inhale, just breathe in a little bit and gently. Then exhale. You'll be hungry for air, and that's how it should be. Do this for a minute. Your nasal passages will clear up by that time, but you still have to continue with the reduced breathing. (

How to stop coughing:

For cough relief, take some lozenges, stay hydrated, and stick to hot drinks like tea with honey. (WebMD)

How to get rid of a calf cramp:

Extend your leg and flex the foot back to stretch your calf muscle. When the cramp subsides, keep stretching your foot back so you loosen the muscle and prevent the cramp from arising again. (Livestrong)

How to get rid of bad breath:

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Drink lots of water. If you can, chew fresh mint leaves or parsley. (And don't forget to clean your tongue when you brush your teeth.)

How to get rid of body odor:

Apply vinegar or apple cider on the area to remove the smell. (Note: It's best to splash vinegar under your arms once you get out of the shower, but not after you just shaved your underarms.) (MedicalDaily)

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How to cure a hangover:

If you know you'll drink a lot of alcohol, drink some pear juice several hours before you party. During the night, eat and drink lots of water. In the morning after, drink glasses of water again. (WebMD)

How to ease your foot pain from high heels:

Stretch your legs and feet to get the blood flowing again. On your bare feet, reach for your toes without bending your knees. Hold the position for five seconds. Do this three times.

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You can also take a hot bath or soak your feet in hot water to soothe the muscles. (Daily Mail)

How to to get rid of your headache if there are no meds in sight:

Apply pressure on or massage the web of skin between your thumb and index finger. (ModernReflexology)

How to relieve pain caused by a canker sore (aka singaw):

Rinse your mouth with salt water. You can also apply ice on the sore. (Don't forget to avoid eating acidic or spicy food!) (Mayo Clinic)

How to get rid of heartburn:

Chew gum. (WebMD)

How to get rid of the itch from a mosquito bite:

The most effective way is to put an antihistamine cream or gel, so make sure you always have one with you. (Tech Insider)

How to get rid of a stomach ache:

Apply a hot pack on your tummy or drink some tea. You can also lie on your stomach if it's bloated or you're gassy. (WebMD)

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How to get rid of side stitch:

When you get this while you're running, stop running and take deep breaths. Press your two fingers in and slightly upward where the pain is and hold for 10 seconds. Take more deep breaths as you do this. (Runner's World)

How to relieve your UTI pains before seeing your doctor:

Drink cranberry juice to keep bacteria from sticking to the bladder, or buko juice to flush out bacteria in your urinary tract. Drink lots of water, too.

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