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Why Your Period Makes You Eat Everything

Sobrang daming cravings!

The next time somebody gives you shit for stuffing your face while Mother Nature is in town, you can tell them to fuck off because science has your back!

Yes, there is a scientific explanation why you can't help but reach for that fourth donut; it's because your body is burning more calories from needing to work harder“With the menstrual cycle, the week of your period makes your body do some extra work. In some women, the week of your period can make you burn up to fifteen percent more calories, and you haven’t changed a single thing about your lifestyle!” This is because your body is getting ready for ovulation (potential pregnancy). Also, your hormones peak around this time, which triggers a hunger response. 

Serotonin affects your mood and food cravings, and it's very low right before your period; that's why you always reach for comfort foods aka CARBS—they literally make you feel better. But before you go HARD on that "buy one, take one" pizza deal you've been eyeing, it's important to note that the additional calories you burn while you're on your period is only around 100 to 300 calories a day. Kalma

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