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A Study Is Linking Having Multiple Sexual Partners To A Higher Risk For Cancer

Women with 10 or more sexual partners are almost twice at risk for cancer than men.
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A study has found that having multiple sexual partners over a lifetime has an influence on one's risk for cancer.

According to a study published in the BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, women are almost twice at risk than men of being diagnosed with cancer if they have 10 or more sexual partners.

“Previous research has shown that specific STIs (sexually transmitted infections) may lead to several cancers,” said Lee Smith, one of the study's co-authors, who noted how the connection between STIs and cancer is stronger in women.

The study's researchers looked at the data of 5,722 men and women aged 50 and older, the average age of which was 64. 

Women who indicated having more than 10 or more sex partners were found to be 91 times more inclined to be diagnosed with cancer, while men with 10 or more partners were 64 times more at risk for being diagnosed with cancer.

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Women with 10 or more sexual partners were also 64 times more at risk of getting a "limiting, long-standing illness."

Despite showing a link, though, experts warn against concluding a causality between the number of sexual partners and the risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

Smith encouraged people with active sex lives to seek the help of a medical professional to be checked for STIs. "Using appropriate protection will reduce the risk of related cancers going forward," Smith added.

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