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8 Things You Didn't Know About Pubic Hair


Pubic hair divides women; some love to feel like they're running wild in a meadow, some prefer to regularly mow the lawn, while others prefer to get rid of the grass completely. However you choose to groom (or not to groom) your pubic hair, your choice should reflect what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

But the one thing we all have in common is that when we start puberty, we all get it. So you may as well clue yourselves up about it. What is it? Why's it there? The team at Clue has done a bit of digging down below to help uncover some interesting facts about the hair that lies in those nether regions of yours:

1. There's a benefit to your bush. 

There's a reason we grow hair down there; it actually serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, and particularly the sensitive vaginal opening. So maybe it's time to embrace the bush?

2. It protects the skin from friction. 

Pubic hair also acts as a buffer against friction. Yeah that kind of friction (and other, less sexy types, too).

3. Hair removal injuries are becoming more common. 

Injuries caused by hair removalincluding wounds, abscesses, rashes, and ingrown hairsare becoming more common. The number of visits to the ER because of pubic grooming jumped five-fold between 2002 and 2010.

4. In the 19th century, women shaved their pubic hair and replaced it with a merkin.

 It does seem a bit pointless, but because of the risk of lice infestations, ladies of the Victorian era would remove their pubic hair and wear a pubic wig (called a merkin) in its place. Seems super weird to us.


5. People who receive oral sex are more likely to remove their pubic hair. 

According to a study of pubic hair preferences published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a person who has received oral sex in the past month is more likely to be someone who removes their pubic hair. Thoughtful.

6. Hold fire on the waxing until after your period. 

Because of hormone changes, we're most sensitive in the days just before and during our period, so it's more likely to hurt like hell.

7. People used to collect pubes as a souvenir. How cute. 

In Britain in the 18th and 19th century, the pubic hair of a lover was frequently collected to keep as a souvenir. Some would even display the pubic hair of their current lover on their hat as a badge of honor. How about we bring that one back? Anyone? No?

8. "Pubarche" is a real word. 

It may sound like an obscure art form, but "pubarche" is actually the onset of pubic hair. Take THAT information and whip it out in a pub quiz or something.

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