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What To Buy To Build A Mini Workout Station At Home

For everyone who can't afford a gym membership!
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New year, new you? People always joke about how much we get carried away with wanting to reinvent ourselves every January. Statistically, gym memberships spike during the first month of every year, but we see the crowd thinning once February hits. 

To keep you from spending so much money on a gym membership that you can barely afford (and will probably end up forgetting about anyway), try investing in some workout gear instead. Create your own home gym that's more accessible and affordable!

Yoga mat

Price: P399; Shop here


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Price: P1,280; Shop here


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Price: P750; Shop here

Resistance bands

Price: P348; Shop here

Jump rope

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Price: P159; Shop here

Medicine ball

Price: P559; Shop here

You'd be surprised by how much you can do with your body alone. Utilize these equipment, and once you're ready for an upgrade, then consider signing up for that gym membership. ;) Good luck!

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