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How This 'Avengers: Infinity War' Star Trained To Play Nebula

Karen Gillan had to learn martial arts choreography for her fight scenes.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Avengers: Infinity War/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, (RIGHT) Instagram/karengillanofficial

With the entire universe on Gamora's side, we think it's time we paid a little more attention to Nebula and the woman who brings her to life, Karen Gillan

First of all, can you believe she looks like this underneath all that makeup?

Apart from enduring hours in the makeup chair, Karen also made a bunch of lifestyle changes to transform herself to the space pirate we've all come to admire. 

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In an interview with POPSUGAR, she revealed she had to start from scratch because she did not know how to fight: "I had to transform myself, because prior to playing the role [of Nebula], I didn't do any of that [strength training. I had to train] in order to look like I could do damage to someone." That's why when she wasn't filming, she was learning all types of martial arts choreography. She also switched her usual cardio exercises for weightlifting, with her fave workouts involving squats and barbell deadlifts! 

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Can we give it up for this badass she-ro? 

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