Too Tamad To Exercise? Try Crawling Instead!

We're not kidding: It's a legit workout.
PHOTO: Instagram/original_strength

When we were young (and didn’t know any better), we hated nap time; and now, we’re not even sure how we’re getting by without it. This new fitness trend echoes the same nostalgic sentiment, and it's called CRAWLING.

According to Original Strength—a fitness system "that encourages people to practice the movement patterns found in young children"—adults should practice "pressing reset" when it comes to the body.

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Why? Crawling reminds your body (and mind) of how it was like to learn how to walk as a child, which isn’t just beneficial to “developing a healthy gait pattern,” but also to channeling your sillier, more adventurous side. Plus, it’s something we’ve all done before, so the exercise is accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels, and body sizes.

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This doesn’t mean that crawling is easy though. Like other forms of exercise, crawling has several variations you can try out if you want to make it more challenging. The cross-crawl is when you walk in place while you touch opposing sides of your elbows and knees.  The baby-style crawl is when you’re crawling around on just your hands and toes. And of course, you can drag weights around to push yourself harder. 

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