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Dance Moves That Are Totally Cardio Workouts

PHOTO: Facebook/CosmoBody

When it comes to fitness, there are days when you wake up thinking, "Ok, it's time to get up and put in the work." But there are also days when you'd literally rather be doing anything else, especially if you don't actually love your regular workout routine. We understand that you probably target certain body parts that you've labeled as "problem areas" when you work out, but it's always good to mix things up. Let go of your inhibitions and just dance it out! You'd be surprised at how refreshing (and physically effective) dancing can be when you incorporate it in your fitness routine!

Half-German, half-Pinay, and all-around ~*badass*~ Nicole Winhoffer shows us how it's done. 


Nicole's workout philosophy "targets the body, the muscles, the chakras, the skin, the mind, and the spirit." Her workouts also address the usual concerns women have when it comes to exercise: "I wanted to create a workout that...give[s women the permission to feel powerful] and free from negative thought. Every woman deserves to feel and look like a goddess." 


To find out more about Nicole's workout routines, you can visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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