Fitspiration: Bubbles Paraiso

Fly your way into getting Bubbles Paraiso's hot bod!

Want to look as good as model and TV personality Bubbles Paraiso? We interviewed Rianna Gatus of Beyond Yoga for Bubbles’ AntiGravity Yoga workout regimen. Use Bubbles as your Fitspiration and check out our Q&A below:

What is AntiGravity Yoga (AGY)?
AntiGravity Yoga is fusion fitness. It is a combination of aerial art, gymnastics, suspension training, Pilates, and yoga. All these are practiced with a fabric hammock that functions as a suspension device, allowing you to perform and achieve zero compression inversions (upside down hanging positions), body and muscle strength, and kinaesthetic awareness. Overall, AntiGravity Yoga provides you with a healing and calming experience for body, mind, and spirit.”

How is it different from regular yoga?
“Half of AGY exercises are done on the floor, while the other half are done on the hammock. With the help of the hammock, one’s posture is improved for various yoga positions. For example, some poses in regular yoga are also performed in AGY but with the hammock supporting you, your posture is more precise. It gives you alignment assistance. AGY also involves hanging positions, allowing spinal decompression and proper alignment. Being able to fly or hang on the hammock provides users with strength and flexibility in maneuvering themselves while suspended, as well as the kinaesthetic awareness to balance themselves on the hammock.”

Which problem areas does AGY target?
“Of course the main thrust of AGY is core and spinal decompression; the core in particular is what Bubbles works on. But AGY does target everything else as well. There is a lot of body strength building, as well as body toning and shaping. With your whole body suspended, all areas are utilized and exercised in the process.”

Beyond Yoga offers both AGY FUNdamentals and AGY Flying Fitness classes. What is the difference between the two? Which of the two classes does Bubbles take?
“AGY FUNdamentals is more on stretching while AGY Flying Fitness is more on suspension. Bubbles takes the Flying Fitness class. This class involves inverted crunches which focus on Bubble’s core, and a lot of other cardiovascular and strength building exercises. Each AGY Flying Fitness class is one hour and 15 minutes long.”

Can you take us through Bubbles’ workout in this AGY class?
“The class starts with the ‘Womb’ position wherein all meditate while levitating with the help of the hammock. This is followed by the Baddha Konasana pose (Bound Angle Pose). Cardio exercises come next to warm up the body such as chin ups and high knees exercises. And then there are core exercises such as inversion crunches, followed by leg and bottom work like lunges and squats. Next, there is spot-focusing on arms, and even planking wherein the hands are on the floor while the body is suspended. The class ends with stretching, cooling down, and the Floating Savasana pose.”

How soon after can you see results?
“Results depend on consistency and if the workout regimen is paired with a proper diet. It is recommended that you do AGY three times a week to maintain flexibility and skill.”

Why is AGY a good form of exercise?
“It’s fun! There’s a variety of exercises you can do with the hammock. It also [helps] you know your body more, and [achieve a balance for your] body, mind, and spirit.”

Beyond Yoga is the exclusive partner of AntiGravity Yoga in the Philippines. It has branches located at Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato, Bonifacio High Street Central, and Westgate Center Alabang. For more information, visit or email for inquiries.

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