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You Can Do Kim Kardashian's Go-To Abs + Butt Workouts At Home

Her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, swears by these moves.
PHOTO: Instagram/kimkardashian

Are you at home thinking about how you can switch up your fitness routine? Well, Kim Kardashian's longtime trainer Melissa Alcantara told E! News what kind of workouts they do to engage the glutes and core—and no one can deny these exercises work:

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For the glutes:

Sumo squats

Inhale on the way down and exhale to a power jump. Make sure to land softly on your feet. Here's what a sumo squat looks like:

How many? Four sets, 30 reps

Lateral band squat walk

Place the band above the knee, get into a squat position, and walk sideways. 

How many? Four sets, 20 reps

Glute-ham raises

Use an object to keep your feet from lifting up. Get on your knees, and in a controlled motion, start moving down. If you're a beginner, you can start on the ground and then push off. Here's a tutorial from Melissa herself:

How many? Four sets, eight to 12 reps

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For the core:

Lying straight leg lifts

Get a dumbbell (or a heavy-ish book, if you don't have one) and while you're lying on the floor, bring your legs up to 90 degrees, and inhale as you go down. In this version, Melissa simply tucked her hands underneath her butt during the workout.

How many? Four sets, 20 reps

Band crunches

Attach a resistance band to a bar (or any anchor you can find around the house). Get on your knees and slowly round your back while moving down to 90 degrees. Squeeze your abs and allow them to stretch as you go back up. 

How many? Four sets, 30 reps

V-ab crunch (Mel's style)

"Sit down on the floor and bend the knees to about 60 degrees, then start leaning back with your chest out until your abs start engaging. Lift your feet off the floor and open your abs. Now exhale and drive your elbows toward your knees forming a V in the process. Make sure to exhale on the crunch, and inhale when you open back up." 

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How many? Four sets, 20 reps


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