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The Tamad Girl's Guide To Getting Fit #4LYF

No burpees included! YAAAAAAS.

Who needs an expensive gym membership when you can totally just splurge on cute workout clothes? We're kidding! (Or not?).

If you're the girl who's always on the go and never has time to sign up for a Zumba or yoga class—that's okay! Here, the ONLY five moves you need to master to be fit #4lyf!

How this works: Do each exercise for one minute, stopping for a minute or two in between sets. Jog in place before the next set. Do three sets. Four if you're, like, on #beastmode.

Pssst! Check out these GIFs to see if you have proper form!

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Side Lunge with Arm Curls

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Plank Front Raise with Rotation

Squat Jumps

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Pike Pushups

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