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5 Things You Need To Build Your Home Gym

Working out doesn't have to cost you a limb!
PHOTO: Youtube/The Live Fit Girl

Gyms are fully booked for the first week of January because that's when the "new year, new me" people sign up for memberships. And we all know what happens—they're deserted by May! 

It's tough to find the time (and money) to work out. It always feels like there aren't enough hours in a day and every new class out there is way too pricey! 

So, we've come up with a cheap and space-friendly list of things you can get to build your home gym:

1. YouTube/Internet

YouTube is a goldmine for fitness videos! What are you in the mood for? Yoga? Pilates? Zumba? You name it. They've got it!

2. Resistance bands (P500 P2,000) 

These babies are color-coded by resistance and work for any fitness level. The best part? They're light and portable. For ideas on how you can use these, check out this video: 

Jump rope (>P500)

Think of it as a slightly more enjoyable version of Jumping Jacks. This exercise burns an INSANE amount of calories.


4. Yoga mat (P300 – P700)

You might be tempted to just buy the cheapest mat you can find but fight the urge! You want as thick of a barrier as possible between you and the floor. Also, yoga is slow but effective. There will be times when you’ll need a distraction from the burn, so you might want to purchase a mat with a little more whimsy. We recommend Yoga With Adriene and her 30-day challenge. Namaste!

5. Kettlebell (P2,500 – P4,000)

This will be your most expensive purchase on this list. But hear us out: Regular gym memberships can cost anywhere from P1,500 to P2,500 a month. CrossFit gyms charge P3,500 to P6,000 per month and yoga classes are around P3,000, depending on where you sign up. So if you think of your long-term fitness plan, a kettlebell is a steal! With the explosive movements kettlebell workouts tend to have, you’ll be a fitness powerhouse in no time.

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