Victoria's Secret Models Actually Lift Some Pretty Heavy Weights To Prep Their Bodies For The Runway

So much for the theory that lifting bulks you up.
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You might think that Victoria's Secret models have nothing but genes to thank for their flawless figures. But the truth is that they actually put an insane amount of effort into sculpting every inch, from their lean legs to flat abs and toned arms. (And I'm not just talking about the stuff they *have* to do to film Victoria's Secret Sport commercials—that shit gets R-E-A-L.)

To find out how much these models really sweat off-duty, shadowed a training session at New York Sports Clubs in New York City with certified fitness trainer Roger Allen and his three clients, Maria Borges, Thayna Santos, and Anelia Moor.

Maria Borges

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Thayna Santos

Anelia Moor

Watch the training session to steal their moves, which include barbell dead lifts, squats, and overhead presses, plus enough abs work to make my core BURN from the power of suggestion.

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