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How Zendaya Trained For Her Role In 'The Greatest Showman'

Director Michael Gracey wanted to 'use the stunt doubles as little as possible.'
PHOTO: The Greatest Showman/20th Century Fox

When Zendaya landed her role as a professional acrobat in The Greatest Showman, the 21-year-old actress did not anticipate the amount of training she'd have to go through. 

During an interview on The Tonight Show, Zendaya revealed that director Michael Gracey told her she'd need to start working out right away: "You have trapeze rehearsal when you get here, and I want to use the stunt doubles as little as possible." 

So how does one train for acrobatic stunts, exactly? 

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Trainer Peter Mercury shares, "Silks and all aerial arts use core strength, upper body strength, flexibility, all sorts of parts of your body that you might not necessarily use in your daily life or even your other workouts." But we get it, it can be pretty daunting. You might wonder, "Am I even strong enough to do this?"

"Even if you feel like you don't have the upper body strength, people tend to gain it pretty quick, because when you're ten feet in the air, you're going to hold on," Peter states. Of course, it won't be easy. Every movement feels harder because your whole body needs to be engaged just so you pull off one move, which makes it a whole-body workout!

Thankfully, most places recognize that beginners have to go on their own pace, so unlike Zendaya, you'll go through a lot of training before you have to start flipping a few feet off the ground. 

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