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The *Worst* K-Drama Moms That Made Us Go Mad

If any of these mothers were real, we sincerely hope their apples fall far from the tree
The Worst K-Drama Moms We've Ever Watched

J.D. Salinger, the author of Catcher In The Rye, wrote, "Mothers are all slightly insane." While a lot of moms would agree on this, there are certain characters that go beyond that thin line defining "slightly." Case in point: K-drama mom villains. Okay, they're fictional—but aren't you glad they are? And if they are real, we're so sorry for anyone who experiences their wrath. These K-drama eommas will either do anything for their kids or themselves—pick your poison. Which one would you least likely want as a mother?

Toxic K-drama moms:

1. The horrible moms in The Glory

Which one is the worst: Moon Dong Eun's mom (Jung Mi Hee), Park Yeon Jin's mom (Yoon Da Kyung), or Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) herself? The first one threw her daughter under the bus for cash more than once. The second initially enabled her daughter's bullying, let her get away with murder, basically ran a prostitution agency guised as "matchmaking" with a shaman, killed someone to keep her reputation, and then finally threw her daughter under the bus, too. The third cheated on her husband, had a child from that affair, led her husband to believe that it was their daughter, kept her evil ways without remorse, and went nuts. One of them was locked up in an asylum, while the mother-daughter tandem ended up in prison. So again, which one is the worst? I think we may have a gloriously vile three-way tie.


Dong-eun’s mother purposely sets her house on fire | The Glory Part 2 Ep 13 [ENG SUB]

2. Bang Su Ah's mom in Crash Course In Romance

Coming from lovable roles like that North Korean ahjumma in Crash Landing On You, Ongsan Avenger in When The Camelia Blooms, and a single mom with a sunny personality in Reply 1988, Kim Sun Young played Jo Su Hui, the overbearing mother of one of the kids in Crash Course in Romance. There were so many times in the drama when you just want to pull her hair and knock her off that sky-high horse that she loved sitting on. She was so focused on what she thought would be good for her daughter that she already lost sight of what mattered: Her daughter's well-being and happiness.

3. Han Seo Jin from SKY Castle

Yum Jung Ah played Han Seo Jin, who hid her poor family's past and her real identity, Kwak Mi Hyang. TBH, getting a new name and rebuilding your life is perfectly understandable. But it shouldn't push you to go over the line and become a judgy bitch who looks down on everyone else just because you married into a prestigious family. What's more, she pressured her daughter, Ye Seo, to study, and do everything it takes to get into medical school, and dismisses her mental health sufferings. Her mother-in-law who brought about this extreme attitude is also an honorary part of this list.

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Sky Castle | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix

4. Cheon Seo Jin from The Penthouse

It's been a couple of years, but Kim So Yeon's portrayal of this character still haunts me. Her personality was a harmonious mix of being manipulative, scheming, devious, narcissistic, and fabulously dressed. Cheon Seo Jin was so calculating to the extent of using her own daughter as a puppet in her play and killing someone (among many other crimes) to protect her secrets. In the end, karma does its magic on her and leaves her rotting behind bars.

Kim So Yeon tries to make her daughter the best [The Penthouse Ep 2]

5. Wang So's mother in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

In this heart-breaking series, Queen Yoo, played by Park Ji Young, was King Taejo's third Queen and mother to Wang Yo, Wang So (Lee Joon Gi), and Wang Jung. The story was like a Korean game of thrones, and one of the most active players was this gorgeous, heartless queen. When her son got a scar on his face (which was her fault, by the way), she was disgusted by his unsightly appearance and basically threw him away to die. When he came back to the palace, she made his life a living hell and never acknowledged him when all he wanted was to be loved. Well, screw YOO! (Yes, I'm still angry at her after all these years!)


Scarlet Heart Ryeo (a mother´s shame)

6. The ex-empresses in Mr. Queen

Speaking of royal evils, these two would probably be enemies of Queen Yoo: Grand Queen Dowager Kim (Bae Jong Ok) and Queen Dowager Jo (Jo Yeon Hee). They pitted their relatives (including the queen and first concubine) against each other for power and riches. They didn't get their hands dirty, but let their "henchmen" do the dirty work for them. At some point, they either killed their son or used him just for their personal gains. They were indeed royal pains in the ass of the King and Mr. Queen.

Mr. Queen EP.13

Got any other toxic K-drama moms to add to the list? Share them with us!

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