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12 Things Girls Who Grew Up With Braces Understand

If you thought your first kiss was awkward, imagine having it with braces.

1. Picking out a color for your braces' elastics.

Especially hard if you’re naturally indecisive, and your dentist presents you with every color under the rainbow. Some elastics even have glitters! I’m going to wear this color on my teeth for at least a month! How do I choose?! Ah! I'll alternate jelly-pink and lime green. LOL.

2. The monthly hassle that was having your braces tightened.

You had to go to the dentist every month (or every two weeks!) and the treatment took hours from your precious weekends. But at least you get to eat somewhere nice after, right? Except…

3. Having your braces tightened meant not being able to eat anything afterwards.

Ok, so according to my dentist I can’t eat anything too crispy, I can’t bite into anything hard, and I absolutely can't chew sticky food (Goodbye, Fruit-tella). Chewing just feels like torture anyway, so I guess I’ll just be having soup, please?

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4. When your dentist doesn’t cut the wire short enough and you feel it stabbing the inside of your cheeks.

And you ask your dentist to trim it more, but it’s just. Never. Enough. Time to look up remedies for singaw again.

5. And dental wax doesn’t help at all.

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Thanks for nothing.

6. Oral hygiene with braces is a new experience.

Flossing takes forever, and that special pointy orthodontic toothbrush looks like a freakin' torture device. Also, brushing your teeth after having your braces adjusted is next to impossible. The paaaiiiin

7. Feeling extra conscious about your teeth every time you eat.

Anything from rice to lettuce bits can get stuck between those brackets, and the last thing you want to happen is only finding out AFTER everyone else has noticed it. On the plus side, you don’t need toothpicks when you’ve mastered picking out those stray bits of food with your tongue (Gross but very very very helpful.).

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8. Being deathly afraid of flying balls. Or sports in general. 

So imagine your teeth under constant physical pressure from your braces. If a flying ball accidentally hits that, well, goodbye braces, HELLO DENTURES. 

9. Figuring out how to make out and still look sexy.

If you thought your first kiss was awkward, imagine having it with braces. The ultimate challenge? When both you and your guy have braces—good luck trying to not get your wires all tangled up. When I said I’ll stick with you through anything, I really didn’t mean it this way.

10. In fact, life with braces is just plain awkward.

You can’t help but feel like an ugly duckling whenever you smile, especially when every teen movie had someone with braces representing the ugly pre-makeover phase.

11. But it's all worth it when your dentist finally removes your braces.

My mouth feels so free! And look at how straight and pretty my teeth look. OHMYGOD ANG GANDA KO PALA???

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12. Until he brings out your retainers.  

Noooooooo. Well at least I can take them off whenever I want…? Shh, don't tell my dentist.  ;)