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14 Struggles Only Girls Who Are Always Tired Understand

Only coffee can give you the strength to face each day.

1. Your A.M. alarm is the enemy.

And the snooze button is your best friend—that is, until the alarm shrieks into your ears again. (That snooze button! What a traitor!)

2. You’re always hurrying to get ready in the morning.

You’ve wasted so many precious minutes just hitting snooze that by the time you drag yourself to a standing position, you only have 10 minutes for breakfast, a shower, and trying to do a flawless winged eye. GOD KNOWS HOW HARD THAT IS. 

3. Only coffee can give you the strength to face each day.

Coffee to you is like spinach to Popeye when he has to deal with that nasty Bluto. (Yes, your work day is very much like that nasty Bluto.)

4. Your eye bag situation is so bad, even your eye bags have eye bags.

It’s eyebag-ception up in here.

 5. You're forgetful.

From failing to recall what you were just thinking a minute ago to forgetting that the glasses you've been looking for the past few minutes have been perched on top of your head all this time, you're practically the grandma in The Notebook.

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6. You’re always resisting the urge to nap.

You could nap anywhere: at your desk during your lunch break, in your boyfriend's car on the way home, on a stranger's shoulder in a cramped jeepney. (Sorry, kuya.)

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7. Few things are as comforting as the sight of your bed when you get home.

It’s like melting into the welcoming arms of a loving husband at the end of a long day.

8. You doze off immediately after sex.

Which is fine, because that's your dude's absolute favorite thing to do after sex, too. Win-win!

9. Getting eight hours of sleep is a fantasy.

It’s right up there with unicorns, the Easter bunny, and boyfriends who put the toilet seat down.

10. Your weekends are spent sleeping ‘til noon—just the way you like it.

But then you realize that you just slept through half your weekend and then it’s Monday again. *sobs*

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11. You flake on plans with friends, and when you do muster up the energy to go out, you either arrive late or leave early.

They eventually stop inviting you to things after all your flaking, and frankly, you’re not that bothered. That means more time to hang at home in your PJs and sleep, yay!

12. People think you’re a downer to be around.

You’re actually a pretty nice person; it’s just that the tiredness makes you seem rude, impatient, and humorless. (Also, those ghastly eye bags. They’re enough to send people running in the opposite direction.)

13. You get tired just thinking of everything you have to do.

 Ugh. You need a nap—and/or a cup of coffee—before you can work up the will to even think about them again.

14. You’d love to give yourself a life makeover so you’re not so damn tired all the time.

You seriously contemplate leaving your crap job once and for all or finding your own Christian Grey so you can just chill #ForLyf. But seriously, you’re too tired to even take the first step and you JUST. CAN. NOT. Maybe tomorrow? *yawns*

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